HARARE – The Chairperson of the ZIMBABWE Electoral Commission has prepared a critical response to the opposition petition against the recent presidential election result in the country.

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba (Pic. The Herald)

Justice PRISCILLA CHIGUMBA is respondent number 23 in the application filed by MDC ALLIANCE Candidate NELSON CHAMISA, who accuses the veteran judge of stealing his victory for President EMMERSON MNANGAGWA.

Justice CHIKUMBA says the appeal is fatally and incurably defective, while the Mr CHAMISA has also failed to effect valid service of his application within the prescribed period of SEVEN days.

She says the court should strike the application off the roll since there is no basis to conclude she violated the constitutional and electoral laws in the supervision of the 30 JULY General Elections.

MDC Alliance Candidate Nelson Chamisa (Pic. Agencies)

Mr CHAMISA has put together what his head lawyer, Advocate THABANI MPOFU, says is a powerful team of legal experts who include some from neighbouring SOUTH AFRICA.

He submitted his petition to the Constitutional Court last FRIDAY evening, and the case hearing should commence on 22 AUGUST.

Mr CHAMISA says since the Electoral Commission announced a voter turnout of 72 percent of slightly above FIVE-MILLION-600-THOUSAND, meaning the votes cast should be slightly more than FOUR-MILLION-32-THOUSAND.

Yet, he says, the Commission announced a total FOUR-MILLION-775-THOUSAND-640 voters and it issued a compact disc with a total FOUR-MILLION-774-THOUSAND-878 voters.

He says either of the TWO figures leaves a difference of more than 700-THOUSAND ballots that cannot be accounted for.

He claims the Commission did not follow processes of the collation and announcement of the results, processes meant to establish the credibility of any results to be announced.

Mr CHAMISA says the process is constitutional and statutory, and there can be no departure from its demands – nor is the court in a position to dispense with strict adherence to the law.

He further claims the results announced by the Electoral Commission themselves suffer from gross mathematical errors in a manner that affects their validity; and because they are material, they materially affect the declaration by the Commission Chairperson.

However, Justice CHIGUMBA says Mr CHAMISA has no valid application against election of President MNANGAGWA as Head of State – because he failed to comply with court rules and filed an incomplete record to render his petition invalid.

She says the rules demand the application to be filed with the Registrar of the Constitutional Court and served on the respondents within SEVEN days after the date of announcement of the election results.

Justice CHIGUMBA says the founding papers of Mr CHAMISA do not prove an irregularity as he alleges and all he makes are bare allegations, from which he makes the conclusion that the Electoral Commission rigged the Presidential Election.

She says if the MDC ALLIANCE Candidate had agents at the unidentified polling stations he claims did not have the figures displayed, the agents would have had V-11 forms before the returns for the polling stations were posted outside the voting booth.

Nevertheless, Justice CHIGUMBA says Mr CHAMISA does not present his V-11 forms and argue that the V-11 forms the electoral commission has are different from what he has.

She says on the other hand, if he did not have polling agents at the nameless polling stations how does he then conclude that the alleged failure to affix a return in terms of the law occurred or resulted in the alleged rigging at the unidentified polling stations.

Justice CHIGUMA says in the context of a challenge to an election return, it is not enough for the opposition candidate to give broad, sweeping statements as basis for the relief he seeks.

The ZIMBABWE Electoral Commission Chairperson says the MDC ALLIANCE Leader must show in his papers how the issue he raises as a ground for his challenge affected the tally of votes, but he fails to do so./Sabanews/cam



HARARE – President EMMERSON MNANGAGWA of ZIMBABWE says the opposition election petition against the 30 JULY presidential poll result is simply a tactic to delay his inauguration.

The ZIMBABWEAN Leader, who the Electoral Commission has since declared as duly elected, has filed his defence papers with the Constitutional Court in the capital, HARARE.

Emmerson Mnangagwa legal team after filing opposing papers at Constitutional Court in Harare (Pic. The Herald)

President MNANGAGWA has a team of lawyers under the leadership of Advocate LEWIS URIRI, who say the petition lacks validity and should be thrown out.

Opposition MDC ALLIANCE Leader NELSON CHAMISA filed his papers last FRIDAY, claiming the Electoral Commission stole his victory on behalf of the ruling ZANU PF Candidate.

Results from the just ended general polls show the governing party managed 145 National Assembly seats against 63 of the MDC ALLIANCE, and President MNANGAGWA beat Mr CHAMISA with 50-POINT-EIGHT percent against 43-POINT-THREE percent.

While Mr CHAMISA says he has no problem with the Parliamentary ballot results as they stand, he says he has evidence the presidential ballot result is in his favour.

However, in his defence papers President MNANGAGWA says Mr CHAMISA did not mount his application for the bona fide purpose of setting aside the result of the presidential election of 30 JULY 2018.

The defence says instead, the move by the opposition leader aims to delay the inauguration of the President-elect and to make political statements in court.

The defence alleges the actions of Mr CHAMISA are obvious from the fact that the application does not comply with the rules of the honourable court and the Constitution.

President MNANGAGWA says the court must see through the trick and dismiss as well as condemn the application for the grossly childish manner in which Mr CHAMISA prosecuted it.

The Head of State says Mr CHAMISA has produced no evidence of anomalies to justify the overturn of the declaration by the 23RD Respondent, Electoral Commission chairperson Justice PRISCILLA CHIGUMBA.

The defence also says the opposition leader has avoided the physical recounting of the votes, preferring, instead, to sway the court into considering unsubstantiated claims by faceless witnesses in some cases.

The Constitutional Court of ZIMBABWE has not yet announced a date for the opening of the opposition petition case against the 2018 Presidential ballot, but it has up to 14 days to finalise the hearing and give judgement./Sabanews/cam



WINDHOEK – About ONE-THOUSAND civil society campaigners in Southern AFRICA have today been due to meet in NAMIBIA to lobby governments on a number of social issues.

Ousted Presidents Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe and Jacob Zuma of South Africa (Pic. The Sunday News)

The meeting in the capital, WINDHOEK, comes ahead of the 38TH Ordinary Summit of the SADC Heads of State and Government taking place from tomorrow, FRIDAY, to the 18 AUGUST at the SAFARI COURT Hotel and Conference Centre in WINDHOEK

The SADC Summit, coming amid continued poverty escalation, is running under the theme: Promoting Infrastructure Development and Youth Empowerment for Sustainable Development.

The civil society groups have named their own meeting the People’s Summit, with the theme: Reclaiming SADC for Social, Economic and Political Justice, Free Movement and Use of Natural Resources for Youth Employment, Affordable Land, and Housing for All.

The Secretary General of the SOUTHERN AFRICAN PEOPLE’S SOLIDARITY NETWORK says they aim to discuss democracy, human rights, youth empowerment, economic, and environmental justice, as well as gender issues.

NBC News quotes SOFONEA SHALE as saying delegates will also talk about cash-outflows from the region and its borrowing from institutions whose conditions hurt ordinary people in SADC countries.

The national broadcaster says People’s Summit Chairperson RONNY DEMPERS describes the meeting as a platform from which ordinary people can engage heads of state and government.

Their deliberations today will wind up with a communique spelling out what the citizens of the SADC Region want from their national leaders.

NBC News says the massive group will go on a march tomorrow (FRIDAY) from the WINDHOEK Show Grounds to the AGOSTINHO NETO Park to hand over their message.

The SOUTHERN AFRICAN PEOPLE’S SOLIDARITY NETWORK gathers development NGOs and institutions, civil society groups like trade unions, churches, and community-based movements.

The organisation aims to create a unified strategy for Southern AFRICA in order to resist and counterbalance the negative effects of globalisation on the SADC Region.

It says it believes in the necessity to strengthen national struggles, starting with support for grass-root movements – especially networks that include marginalized communities.

The group is lobbying national leaders as NAMIBIA assumes the role of Chair of the SADC this month, taking over from SOUTH AFRICA.

NAMIBIA is FIRST hosting the SADC Senior Officials’ Meeting from NINE to 11 AUGUST, the Ministerial Meeting from the 13TH to the 14TH and the Senior Officials, Ministerial and Summit Troika on 16 AUGUST.

Both the 38TH Ordinary Summit of the Heads of State and Government and the People’s Summit are taking place a couple of months after the public ouster of Presidents ROBERT MUGABE of ZIMBABWE and JACOB ZUMA of SOUTH AFRICA./Sabanews/cam



HARARE – The leader of the opposition MDC ALLIANCE in ZIMBABWE has reportedly filed his papers with the Constitutional Court where he is challenging the 2018 Presidential Poll result.

MDC Alliance Leader Nelson Chamisa (Pic. News Day)

NELSON CHAMISA alleges he won the ballot, but accuses the Electoral Commission of stealing his victory for President-elect EMMERSON MNANGAGWA.

The privately owned NEWS DAY quotes what it calls MDC ALLIANCE senior officials as saying Advocate THABANI MPOFU is leading a team of lawyers who will work on the case.

The ruling ZANU PF Party says it has a team of 12 legal experts to defend the victory of its leader in the Presidential ballot of 30 JULY.

The State-run HERALD newspaper quotes ruling Party Finance Secretary PATRICK CHINAMASA as saying the litigation is uncalled-for.

Ongoing developments have brought anxiety among ZIMBABWEANS who have been looking forward to the inauguration of President-elect EMMERSON MNANGAGWA.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa (Pic. The Herald)

The challenge against his victory in the 2018 vote means cannot take oath basing on the last THURSDAY declaration by Electoral Commission Chairperson PRISCILLA CHIGUMBA.

While the Constitution says aggrieved candidates can challenge the validity of an election of a President in the Constitutional Court within SEVEN days, it does not leave the State House unoccupied.

It says an elected President assumes office when he or she takes oath before the Chief Justice on the NINTH day after they are declared to be elected.

However, in the event of a challenge against their election, they will do so within 48 hours after the Constitutional Court has declared them to be the winners.

Meanwhile, the incumbent Head of State, in this case President MNANGAGWA, continues in office until the assumption of office by the President-elect, whoever between the TWO wins the case in the following FORTNIGHT.

In another development, HARARE Magistrate NYASHA VHITORINI has granted a 50-US-dollar bail to each of the 27 MDC ALLIANCE activists arrested for violent protests of last week.

The accused are allegedly members of the group that caused chaos in the capital, condemning the Electoral Commission for what they called delays in announcing presidential election results.

ZIMBABWE voted peacefully on 30 JULY, and the world community has described the campaign period prior to the polls as free and fair; but the post-voting violence and the ongoing presidential results challenge threaten to change things./Sabanews/cam



HARARE – Police in ZIMBABWE have reportedly arrested the leader of the opposition PEOPLE’S DEMOCRATIC PARTY early today, trying to flee the country into ZAMBIA.

Tendai Biti caught at border (Pic. Agencies)

TENDAI BITI’s lawyer claims he has been attempting to seek asylum in the neighbouring SADC nation, which he says has an international duty to accommodate him in such capacity.

NQOBIZITHA MLILIO has told the media the arrest of Mr BITI, whose group is part of the opposition MDC ALLIANCE of NELSON CHAMISA, occurred at the northern border post of CHIRUNDU.

The ZIMBABWE Republic Police have issued no confirmation of the alleged detention of the 52-year-old opposition leader, as of now.

Nonetheless, the development comes exactly ONE week after violent protests allegedly led by Mr BITI and a number of other senior members of the MDC ALLIANCE last WEDNESDAY.

At least SIX people were killed in the streets of the capital, HARARE, after soldiers reinforcing overwhelmed police details opened fire, plunging the city into panic and fear.

Police Spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner CHARITY CHARAMBA issued a statement calling on Mr BITI and MDC Youth Leader HAPPYMORE CHIDZIVA to hand themselves over for questioning.

However, Mr BITI reportedly addressed the media a day after saying the police had told his lawyers the law-enforcement agents no longer wanted him; giving the impression that he was off the hook.

Meanwhile, the authorities seem to view the unfolding events as linking neatly with the 2018 election campaigns – when the youthful opposition leaders warned of violence if they lost the ballots.

MDC ALLIANCE Leader NELSON CHAMISA is on record saying he will not accept any results unless they are in his favour, threatening to shut down HARARE City if he did not win.

The Electoral Commission was still in the middle of announcing the National Assembly ballot results when the opposition supporters stormed the Central Business District, peacefully initially – after which they started burning and looting as they warmed up.

Mr CHAMISA later addressed a press conference saying the protestors were not members of his group, even if they chanted his name, but the MDC ALLIANCE lawyer is representing their arrested colleagues in court.

While the authorities in ZIMBABWE still have to announce what charges Mr BITI is facing, his legal representatives have already declared him innocent./Sabanews/cam



LUQOLWENI – A newly hired contract teacher who went for THREE months without pay has killed himself at a school in Central SWAZILAND.

Pensive King Mswati the Third after death of wife (Pic.

The TIMES OF SWAZILAND names him as 33-year-old MXOLISI NDLANGAMANDLA of KA-MKHWELI Primary School, which is outside SIPHOFANENI Town in LUBOMBO Region.

It says he allegedly took his own life by drinking the deadly grain weevil tablet, apparently after failing to cope as he found himself drowning in debt.

The late NDLANGAMANDLA, a graduate from LIMKOKWING University of Creative Technology, died a few days after his FIRST salary, which may have not been enough to cover his borrowings.

He passed away on a SUNDAY at the homestead of the deceased at LUQOLWENI, an area about 31 kilometres east of HLATIKHULU in the SHISELWENI Region.

ONE of his sisters found him slouched in his bed, and when family members entered the room – they smelled the deadly grain weevil tablet. They reported the case to the police.

Relatives say the late NDLANGAMANDLA had paid them a visit from his workplace over the weekend, and they had expected to return to the school on the SUNDAY he died.

The sister who raised the alarm had asked him for some money to buy a laptop, and she had gone to his house – in the same family homestead – to check if he was able to help her.

The TIMES says she had become curious after her late brother did not respond to her repeated knocks on the locked door.

It says the young woman then peeped through the window and found NDLANGAMANDLA still in bed, but sleeping in an unusual position.

ONE witness says she immediately alerted other family members, who forced entry into the house.

The relatives say they suspect the man took his own life due to huge debts acquired in the THREE months he had to wait, as a new teacher, without pay.

They say he was finding it difficult to raise enough money to settle his debts, because the pay he eventually received last month was just not enough.

NDLANGAMANDLA’s shocked father has expressed confusion about what pushed his son over the edge, saying he personally searched the house hoping to find a suicide note; but there was nothing.

He says all the family has to do is to speculate on the reasons that could have driven his son to such extremes.

The SWAZI old man says the suicide has left them so confused as a family, because his son had seemed to be so in charge of his life.

The death of the teacher comes amid media reports saying the EIGHTH wife of King MSWATI THE THIRD also committed suicide early this year.

The late wife of the King of SWAZILAND, SENTENI MASANGO (37), allegedly took an overdose of about 40 capsules mostly used to treat depression./Sabanews/cam



LILONGWE – The MALAWI Electoral Commission has commended political parties for their positive attitude towards the ongoing voter registration exercise in the SADC country.

Registration centre for 2019 Elections (Pic. Apanews)

Commission Public Relations Officer SANGWANI MWAFULIRWA says all the involved groups are sensitizing citizens and encouraging them to register for the forthcoming ballots.

MBC News says the authorities have now launched the THIRD Phase of the exercise, starting from 30 JULY and until 12 AUGUST, covering the capital, LILONGWE and LILONGWE Rural.

It says the FIRST and SECOND Phases faced some challenges from malfunctioning of voter registration equipment, as well as poor turn out; but things began to improve towards the THIRD leg.

The Commission had planned to register some ONE-MILLION-48-THOUSAND-AND-80 people in Phase TWO but managed 83 percent of the total.

Public Relations Officer MWAFULIRWA says the exercise managed to register the 875-THOUSAND-138 persons in DOWA, NKHOTAKOTA, MCHINJI and NTCHISI towns.

He has appealed to MALAWIANS to come out in their numbers now that the registration process has picked momentum.

The Electoral official says they have adopted a new computerized system that ensures eligible voters do not spend hours on queues as it used to be in previous elections.

Records show MALAWI holds elections to choose a Head of State or the President, and 193 members of the National Assembly for FIVE years in single-seat constituencies.

The Presidential candidate shares ONE ballot paper with the Vice Presidential aspirant, and they both serve for FIVE years just like the legislators.

Current MALAWIAN media reports say the 2019 ballots aim to select councillors, members of Parliament, and a President, but they leave out the selection of a Vice President.

President PETER MUTHARIKA will represent his ruling DEMOCRATIC PROGRESSIVE PARTY, despite mounting allegations of corruption and calls for him to resign.

President Mutharika (Pic. Face of Malawi)

The last week of this APRIL saw thousands of citizens joining peaceful protests organised in SIX municipalities by civil action groups, calling for him to resign.

President MUTHARIKA faces former President JOYCE BANDA, leader of the opposition PEOPLE’S PARTY who returned home in APRIL after FOUR years of self-imposed exile.

The 68-year-old former Head of State reportedly came back while facing the threat of arrest over scandal accusations of 2013, which contributed to her defeat in polls ONE year later.

Her rival MUTHARIKA (78) is a politician, educator, and lawyer, who has been President since 31 MAY 2014, after having worked worldwide in the field of international justice.

Nevertheless, both politicians will have to contend with the main opposition MALAWI CONGRESS PARTY, the FIRST group to rule the SADC country after independence under the late former dictator HASTINGS KAMUZU BANDA./Sabanews/cam



Souther African townships remain overcrowded (Pic. Getty Images)

DAR ES SALAAM – The TANZANIA Institute of Bankers has been holding a training course to enable its members understand ways to give out housing loans safely.

The DAILY NEWS says organisers of the FIVE-day-long workshop expect the effort to allow self-employed people access funds to build their own homes, unlike now when only salaried workers can do so.

It says the Institute understands financiers have mainly relied heavily on monthly salary deduction when giving mortgage loans, leaving out potential customers in the informal market.

AZANIA Bank Retail Banking Senior Manager JACKSON LOHAY says limited skills obstruct bankers when computing repayment schedules for non-salaried customers.

He has made the remarks during the introduction of the new course developed jointly between TANZANIA Mortgage Refinance Company and the TANZANIA Institute of Bankers.

Mr LOHAY says the lack of skills in the banking sector has denied self-employed citizens such as lawyers, civil contractors, consultants, businesspersons and others chances to build houses.

The DAILY NEWS says the senior financial expert has presented a paper entitled: An Overview and Challenges of Mortgage Finance in TANZANIA.

It quotes Mr LOHAY as saying the persistent accommodation problems can end through the new FIVE-day course, which aims to empower bankers deal with the issue of housing loans.

His paper reveals a variety of challenges ranging from land titles, building permits, unplanned settlements, and suitability for mortgage registration.

Mr LOHAY says another issue is home seekers prefer standalone apartments, hence the increasing demands for surveyed plots.

On other hands, banks are facing a number of credit risk challenges that include foreclosure, over financing to limit repayment, fraud, and underfinance, leaving developers with semi-finished properties.

Mr LOHAY says the problems push house developers to rely on monies they raise on their own and, as result, people see a number of semi-finished properties in their communities.

TANZANIA Mortgage Refinance Company Chief Financial Officer OSWALD URASSA says the expectation after the course is to produce skilled mortgage bankers with enough skills to issue loans to self-employed people.

The TANZANIAN financial expert says trainees will learn a process of arranging house loans using different score cards that help calculate the value of properties, loan sizes, and repayments./Sabanews/cam



KISIMA – A senior government official has called on men in TANZANIA to support breastfeeding mothers at home and in society.

BAHI District Acting Executive Director BERNADETHA JANUARY says such efforts by husbands will help achieve exclusive breastfeeding for all babies below SIX months in the country.

Breastfeeding saves lives of both baby and mother (Pic. Agencies)

The DAILY NEWS says she has addressed delegates to a Breastfeeding Week ceremony at KISIMA CHA NDEGE Village in the DODOMA Region.

It quotes Ms JANUARY as saying it is possible to breastfeed a child throughout SIX months up to TWO years if the husband supports his wife.

She says breastfeeding mothers need support and encouragement from their husbands because both parents are responsible for child upbringing and care.

WORLD VISION TANZANIA has organised the Breastfeeding Week to raise awareness amid reports saying babies can live if they are breastfed for the FIRST SIX months of life.

Ms JANUARY says at least 97 percent of new mothers in the country breastfeed their babies, but the majority of them do not consider breastfeeding procedures and requirements.

She says husbands must therefore help their wives because breastfeeding is very critical during the FIRST SIX months of life; as it helps to prevent diseases like diarrhoea and pneumonia – the TWO major causes of death among infants.

Ms JANUARY says the practice is also beneficial to the mother, as it reduces chances of her getting ovarian and breast cancer.

During the period of breastfeeding, mothers are encouraged to feed their babies with nothing but breast milk alone, and in the following months they can then give babies complimentary food – but with continued breastfeeding up to TWO years.

Acting BAHI District Medical Officer REBECCA NGHWASA says the State and other stakeholders have been campaigning for the better protection of the mother and the new born.

She says a pregnant mother needs sufficient food and vitamins and the authorities encourage both parents to attend antenatal clinic for the safety of the baby and the woman.

WORLD VISION TANZANIA Program Manager NOEL MBAGUKA says his organisation has trained more community health workers in the BAHI and CHEMBA districts of DODOMA.

He says the number has increased to 220 from 150 workers, allowing each village to have at least TWO health workers, as they collaborate with the government to protect both the mother and the new born.

The WORLD VISION TANZANIA Program Manager says lack of community health workers has increased cases of maternal and infant mortality in the TWO districts of the country./Sabanews/cam



Harare evening (Pic. Agencies)

HARARE – The government of ZIMBABWE has dismissed social media allegations about members of the Defence Forces terrorising civilians in high-density suburbs of the capital, HARARE.

Foreign Affairs SIBUSISO MOYO says the soldiers are a well-trained as well as disciplined force, and they will not abduct and assault innocent civilians in townships.

THE HERALD says he has made the comments as he addressed ambassadors and international groups accredited to ZIMBABWE on the political situation in the country.

Minister MOYO says the State is willing to deal with cases backed by evidence, where a soldier over-steps his or her mandate of helping the police to maintain law and order.

Foreign Affairs Minister Moyo and Ambassador Chipo Zindoga brief ambassadors (Pic. The Herald)

He says there have been allegations of abductions, beatings, and raping of people by members of the security forces in response to a violent protest by the opposition MDC ALLIANCE.

Minister MOYO says following the demos that left SIX people dead the authorities have received information about rogue military acts in CHITUNGWIZA, KUWADZANA, and DZIVARESEKWA areas.

He says the government has fully investigated the claims; but officials at CHITUNGWIZA Hospital have told investigators there have never been any more people admitted to the health centre.

Minister MOYO says in fact, it was only on the violent WEDNESDAY of ONE AUGUST when they took in 14 people injured during the disturbances; but they were never admitted.

He says the government is also not aware of any beatings or abductions in KUWADZANA and DZIVARESEKWA, so far as has been reported.

Minister MOYO says all what the authorities are realising is there is a lot of misinformation coming out from social media.

He says the ZIMBABWEAN military are generally a well-trained and very disciplined force that has operated for almost more than THREE months from NOVEMBER 2017 to about JANUARY 2018.

Minister MOYO says at ONE stage the soldiers took over the responsibility of policing the country, and they are well experienced in dealing with people and they will not indulge in such acts.

The ZIMBABWEAN Foreign Affairs Minister says any person with evidence in connection with the alleged abductions and beatings by the military in the high-density suburbs is free to reveal to the authorities./Sabanews/cam