MPAKENI – The MPUMALANGA Provincial Department of Basic Education in SOUTH AFRICA is investigating ONE of its teachers for allegations of rape.

The move comes after the teacher allegedly sexually abused TWO pupils at the MPAKENI Primary School, in yet another such sex scandal in the region.

The authorities are also probing to find out the truth about reports claiming ONE of the parents accepted money as compensation when he found out about the rape.

State radio, SABC News says a 12-year-old girl has also reported her teacher for trying to have sexual relations with her.

It quotes the child as saying the FIRST encounter was when they were doing athletics and the teacher asked her to go and sleep with him at the Grade FOUR classroom, and he would give her 450 rand.

She says she then asked him if he could not see she was very young, to which he said is it only adults who sleep; and she just ran away from him.

The SECOND time he allegedly sent her to go and put books in the staff room and he blocked her from leaving, asking her to sleep with him; but she managed to open the door and ran out crying.

SABC News says the girl reported both incidents to her grandmother, who then informed the school principal.

It quotes the grandmother as saying she is hurt because the principal called her child and the teacher into his office, and ordered the child to forgive the teacher, without even calling her to be present.

The SOUTH AFRICAN national broadcaster says the MPAKENI community went on a rampage, demanding the teacher and principal leave the school.


WINDHOEK – Finance Minister CALLE SCHLETTWEIN of NAMIBIA has been due to table the National Budget for the 2017 to 2018 fiscal year this afternoon.

State radio, NBC News says the development comes FIVE months after he revised his previous financial plan from 61-BILLION to 57-BILLION NAMIBIA dollars to reduce accumulated debt.

It says Minister SCHLETTWEIN has remained unwavering since last year, saying NAMIBIA is not broke and the government has not lost its ability to honour financial obligations.

NBC News says NAMIBIA has been facing harsh economic difficulties for some time now, and measures by Minister SCHLETTWEIN aim to strengthen growth and cut wastages.

It says as a result, he has frozen certain tenders and vacancies, while he also proposes to introduce some taxes.

The national broadcaster quotes Accountant CHANTELL HUSSELMANN as saying this year’s budget is likely to come up with measures like environmental levies and a revised Solidarity Tax.

She says the announcement of Tax Amnesty this year also has the potential to help the Government broaden its revenue collection base.

Ms HUSSELMANN says the State can broaden the tax further in the next financial year, with the removal of exemptions from a variety of categories of taxation.

The NAMIBIAN Finance Minister says his Government wants to re-design proposals for tax on wealth, to target people and organisations with high income.