FIRST Lady MONICA GEINGOS of NAMIBIA says communities should join forces to curb Gender Based Violence in the country.
State radio, NBC News says she has made the call while addressing UNIVERSITY OF NAMIBIA students in the capital, WINDHOEK.

It says Gender Based Violence remains a national concern, despite numerous efforts by different stakeholders to address the issue.

The NAMIBIA WOMEN LAWYERS ASSOCIATION and the Office of the FIRST Lady have jointly addressed the students on how Gender Based Violence can be resolved.

The Association is a group of female legal practitioners aiming to network and educate undergraduates on campus on matters of national interest.

FIRST Lady GEINGOS has further advised people facing GBV issues in their households to report them to the relevant authorities, to avoid having the situations getting worse.

NBC News says more than 13-THOUSAND cases of GBV were reported countrywide in the past SIX years, a situation which is quite worrisome for a population of slightly above TWO-MILLION.

The NAMIBIAN FIRST Lady has also called on men who suffer domestic violence in the SADC country to report such cases to the police./Sabanews/cam