BLANTYRE – The former ruling MALAWI CONGRESS PARTY, MCP, is facing demands for compensation from the KARONGA Detainees and Retainers Task Force.


The organization brings together victims of forced exile and political detention during the leadership of the late former Dictator HASTINGS KAMUZU BANDA, MCP lifetime leader.


State radio, MBC News quotes Task Force Chairperson CHARLES M’DIMBA MWENIFUMBO as saying they want the MCP to compensate them immediately.


However, the national broadcaster has not given figures of the proposed compensation, and there has been no response from the MCP – which ruled MALAWI for more than 30 years.


The former ruling party won all the legislative seats in the 1961 NYASALAND Elections, before the country gained independence from BRITAIN to become MALAWI in 1964.


TWO years later, MALAWI became a republic in 1966 and the MCP declared itself the only legal party and governed for the next 27 years.


The group turned the country into a ONE-party state where all adult citizens were required to be party members and had to carry party cards in their wallets at all times.


The MCP lost its monopoly on power in MALAWI in a 1993 referendum, before it was roundly defeated in the FIRST free national elections the following year.