The government of NAMIBIA is inviting all the people claiming ancestral inheritance to land in the country to come up with proposals for a way forward.

State radio, NBC News says President HAGE GEINGOB has made the call while addressing delegates during the 2017 Independence Celebrations in the northern town of RUNDU.

It quotes the Head of State as saying it is vital to reach national consensus through consultations, before proceeding with new measures to address the land problem.

Researchers say NAMIBIA inherited many economic, social, and political challenges from the colonial and apartheid eras after independence, including land dispossessions.

THE NAMIBIAN newspaper says thousands of landless NAMA, SAN, HERERO, and DAMARA ethnic groups have gathered in the southern town of KEETMANSHOOP to demand their ancestral land.

It says they claim they were dispossessed of the land during the colonial GERMAN and apartheid SOUTH AFRICAN regimes.

ONE MP of the ruling SWAPO Party has addressed a mass meeting held under the banner of the LANDLESS PEOPLE’S MOVEMENT at the J STEPHANUS STADIUM in KEETMANSHOOP.

THE NAMIBIAN quotes BERNADUS SWARTBOOI as saying the gathering has been the most glaring display of legitimate discontent in the administration of the country, calling on the President to address the issue now.

NBC News also quotes President GEINGOB as saying the land issue is complicated, because no records exist to clarify, for example, to whom the land of the capital, WINDHOEK, and surrounding areas belong.

He says the SAN people or BUSHMEN also seem left out of the discussion, even though they have more right to claim a large proportion of the country than any other group of NAMIBIANS.

President GEINGOB says NAMIBIA wants to apply fairness in governance, and not visit wrongs done by the fathers on the children of today.

The NAMIBIAN Leader has asked all citizens of his country to hold hands in dealing with the land problem, to get it solved amicably; and while maintaining a strong foundation of peace, stability and unity.