LUSAKA – President EDGAR LUNGU of ZAMBIA has ordered thorough investigations into the alleged killing of an officer of the ZAMBIA Air Force at a police station in the capital, LUSAKA.


State radio, ZNBC News says Sergeant CHOONGWA died while detained at the WOODLANDS Police Station.


It quotes LUSAKA Provincial Police Commissioner NELSON PHIRI as saying the late ZAMBIA Airforce Officer died allegedly after other inmates brutally assaulted him.


Defence Minister DAVIES CHAMA and Home Affairs Minister STEPHEN KAMPYONGO have since issued a joint statement, saying the probe directed by the Head of State is already underway.

Defence Minister CHAMA says investigation will be done jointly, and he has called for calm between the Police and the Air Force officers.

Home Affairs Minister KAMPYONGO says there will be no sacred cows in the exercise, and anyone found wanting is going to get legal punishment; although cases of such nature require serious investigation and conclusion.

Meanwhile, High Court Judge CHALWE MUCHENGA has sentenced an officer of the ZAMBIA Air Force to 10 years imprisonment with hard labour for manslaughter.

SONNY WALANGA shot and killed DORCAS CHIBWE after she and her friends, who were drunk, refused to stop at the TWIN PALM ZAMBIA Air Force residential check point.

Judge MUCHENGA said the incident did not warrant the force that the convicted soldier used because he knew the people who were in the car.

He also said the officer should have considered the fact that TWIN PALM is a residential area, while the deceased and her friends were heading to their house and not the armoury.
ZNBC News says the Court reduced the charge against the ZAMBIA Air Force Officer to manslaughter because he officer was on duty when he committed it.