Epilepsy patient killed and burned on suspicion of being a bloodsucker


LILONGWE – Widespread claims of bloodsuckers continue to haunt Southern MALAWI despite pledges by traditional leaders to end the controversial practice, which they believe is taking place.

However, the NYASA TIMES says some donors and church leaders have rubbished such declarations as mere folklores that people should dismiss.

It quotes GERMAN Ambassador JURGEN BORSCH as saying the myth is affecting development because since the claims started making rounds donor works have been unable to reach the affected areas.

The GERMAN Envoy, the DANISH CHURCH AID, and the NORWEGIAN CHURCH AID, have joined the EVANGELICAL ASSOCIATION OF MALAWI to condemn the killing of some people suspected to be bloodsuckers.

The TIMES says they have spoken on the side-lines of an information dissemination conference for the NZATONSE Project in the capital, LILONGWE, saying MALAWIANS should work together to ensure they demystify bloodsucking allegations.

Ambassador BORSCH says there is no doubt this is just a myth, and there is need to work together and say the same message that there are no bloodsuckers because the allegations are also threatening the security of many.

Country Directors of the DANISH CHURCH AID and the NORWEGIAN CHURCH AID have concurred with him, saying the allegations have the potential to spread nationwide and bring fear among the people.

They say it is vital for conferences where there are a variety of stakeholders from different backgrounds to start condemning and telling people the truth that these allegations are just mere fabrications.

A Spokesperson for the TWO religious aid groups, FINN PETERSEN, says there is completely no proof that MALAWI is having bloodsuckers.

EVANGELICAL ASSOCIATION OF MALAWI Secretary General Reverend FRANCIS MKANDAWIRE says MALAWIANS should FIRST address the root causes of the allegations to ensure they do not resurface in future.

The MALAWIAN Cleric has further suggested a commission of enquiry be instituted to established the root cause and lasting solutions to the bloodsuckers story, which has seen mobs of scared villagers killing suspected vampires./Sabanews/cam