Healthy eating requires lots of vegetables


VICTORIA – SEYCHELLES is the most vegetarian-friendly country, according to a new Global Vegetarian Index by OLIVER’S TRAVELS, an online villa-booking website.

The researchers have calculated the index based on the national meat consumption per person each year and the number of vegetarian restaurants in relation to population size.

The study, to identify the most-vegetarian countries, as OCTOBER is the World Vegetarian Month, places the SADC island nation FIRST ahead of THAILAND and MALAYSIA.

SEYCHELLES News Agency, SNA, quotes a nutrition expert from the Ministry of Health as saying the country has raised a lot of awareness on healthy lifestyles and a balanced diet among the people.

STEPHANIE DESNOUSSE says the exercise has no doubt, transcended in the food that families eat every day and in the restaurants as well; although there is need for caution with the rating.

She says SEYCHELLES has a wide variety of vegetables and fruits available but it is most likely more travellers are dining in restaurants than the locals do because of the high prices of such foods.

SNA says ONE of the hotels promoting healthy living is LE MERIDIEN FISHERMAN’S COVE located at BEL OMBRE in the northern parts of MAHE, the main island.

It quotes the Food and Beverage Manager as saying they provide a vegetarian option on all their menus and make a special dish for a guest according to his or her dietary requirements.

JULIEN JACQUIN says the hotel further offers a salad bar and vegetable soup every day, while their chef meets up with guests who have dietary requirements so they can discuss; a personalized service.

A lover of gastronomy (art of choosing, cooking, and eating good food), SONY ANTAT, has told the news agency fine dining experience in SEYCHELLES varies from ONE restaurant to another, and most of them serve vegetables with almost every meal./Sabanews/cam