Paramount Chief NGOLONGOLIWA of the LHOMWE


CHIRADZURU – Paramount Chief NGOLONGOLIWA of the LHOMWE in the MULANJE District of Southern MALAWI has pledged to fight suspected witches allegedly sucking the blood of humans in his area.

The traditional leader, also known as the MWENE WA MAMWENE of the MULHAKO WA ALHOMWE grouping, has assured the government and his people village heads will catch the suspects by the end of this OCTOBER.

NYASA TIMES newspaper says he made the remarks at a primary school in CHIRADZURU District, where President PETER MUTHARIKA heard testimonies from some of the blood sucking victims.

The Head of State has warned the suspected vampires to stop terrorising communities, saying village chiefs should help stop the people who are using witchcraft to suck human blood.

The TIMES says he has visited the area after serious reports of a vampire scare in some districts of the southern region, which triggered mob violence and left about SEVEN people dead.

Scared villagers have recently taken the law into their own hands and mobbed people suspected to be members of the vampire crusade since mid-SEPTEMBER.

The publication says beliefs in witchcraft are widespread in Rural MALAWI, ONE of the world’s poorest countries, where many aid agencies and NGOs are working.

It quotes Paramount Chief NGOLONGOLIWA as saying reports of bloodsuckers are not a myth, but real acts of witchcraft by some magicians who want to undermine the powers of traditional leaders.

He says such people can only be dealt with by traditional leaders, because the police do not have the capacity to fight their powers.

Senior Chief MPAMA of CHIRADZURU District has also echoed the same sentiments, saying traditional leaders are now well equipped for the battle against the suspected vampires.

Meanwhile, the MALAWIAN Head of State has pleaded with the people to stay calm, as his government has deployed a number of police officers to protect communities during the widespread bloodsucking scare./Sabanews/cam