Police Inspector-General SEBASTIAN NDEITUNGA


WINDHOEK – Police in NAMIBIA have ordered all drivers with outstanding fines for traffic offences to pay up or face arrest before the start of the forthcoming festive season.

National Police Inspector-General SEBASTIAN NDEITUNGA says officers will mount roadblocks across the country during the holidays, looking out for absconders – who will be arrested on spot.

He has told NBC News in an interview that from 12 DECEMBER, or any time without warning, drivers may be confronted with their outstanding warrants of arrest for traffic offences.

The National Police Traffic Unit and the WINDHOEK City Police have together issued at least 85-THOUSAND-400 warrants of arrest for unpaid traffic fines this year alone; and if collected, this will amount to some THREE-MILLION-500-THOUSAND NAMIBIA dollars.

Inspector-General NDEITUNGA says offenders will have to settle all outstanding monies at a court of law or, alternatively, apply for bail within 48 hours, or go to jail until the courts resume next year.

WINDHOEK City Police Chief ABRAHAM KANIME says they also have some 52-THOUSAND warrants of arrest outstanding, and plans are underway to arrest offenders.

Meanwhile, the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund has kicked off its Road Safety Awareness Campaign at the OTJIWARONGO-OTAVI Roadblock in OTJOZONDJUPA Region.

The Motor Vehicle Accident Fund has teamed up with the National Police, the Fire Brigade, and the Road Safety Council to organise the event in OTJOZONDJUPA, mostly because it is the region with the highest number of fatal accidents each year in the country.

Motor Vehicle Accident Fund Acting Chief of Corporate Affairs, SIDNEY BOOIS, says the campaign aims to sensitize travellers on road safety rules on national roads, including the B-ONE and B-TWO routes, especially during the holiday period.

The NAMIBIAN Police say they will be screening motorists at fixed roadblocks as from 27 NOVEMBER this year until the 16TH of JANUARY 2018, an exercise that will run along the national road safety campaign./Sabanews/cam

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