Drivers continue killing people due to recklessness (Pic. Namibia)


WINDHOEK – The NAMIBIA Roads Authority says drivers in the country continue to be reckless and are causing road accidents, despite measures to end the problem.

National Road Safety Council Executive Secretary EUGENE TENDEKULE has given as an example events on the WESTERN BYPASS in the capital, WINDHOEK.

He says the authorities have since reduced the speed limit to 80 kilometres per hour here, but most drivers still overtake other vehicles at unsafe speeds on this road.

Mr TENDEKULE says motorised road users are also generally impatient, pointing fingers at others and often even overtaking on the left side – driving over the yellow line.

He says traffic authorities have also issued tickets worth more than 230-THOUSAND NAMIBIA dollars to such drivers, in addition to other punishments, as appropriate.

The Roads Authority will erect more speed reduction and danger warning signs on accident-prone roads in the coming TWO weeks ahead of the festive season.

Mr TENDEKULE says they will close intersections at the WINDHOEK COUNTRY CLUB, PROSPERITY and HEGEL Streets and re-design the BRENT CARLSON Intersection to allow north-bound, right turn lanes.

He says the National Road Safety Council has secured some 400-THOUSAND NAMIBIA dollars for more traffic lights to be installed.

The PRIVATE SAFETY FORUM and WINDHOEK City Police have also embarked on an initiative to educate pedestrians on how and where to cross the road safely.

NAMIBIAN Police statistics show some 200 cases of reckless driving detected in the past TWO months, and the majority of the drivers had no licences./Sabanews/cam

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