KAGERA – President JOHN MAGUFULI of TANZANIA has come out strongly to condemn the straying of herds of cattle from neighbouring countries into reserved forests.
The DAILY NEWS says he has ordered the seizure of all the illegally grazed animals within the preserved lands as per the national laws.
President MAGUFULI says neighbouring countries should also take similar moves against livestock from TANZANIA grazing in their reserved forests, in order to ensure good land management and use.
He has addressed delegates to the launch of the BUKOBA Airport in KAGERA Region, saying TANZANIA had now turned into a grazing land for animals from outside.
The DAILY NEWS says President MAGUFULI has made his comments amid reports saying livestock from neighbouring countries have entered BURIGI Game Reserve in KAGERA.
It says the government has been working on registration of all animals in the country to establish the needs for grazing land, but entry of animals from outside has disturbed the exercise.
The cross-border grazing has distorted the data collected, leading to excessive numbers of cattle against the size of land allocated for pastures.
President MAGUFULI says former public ranches should be used productively instead of being hired out to other pastoralists, because the State will take them back for reallocation to serious investors.
He has commended donors for their appreciation of the good work by the government; like the World Bank, which has provided 57-MILLION US dollar for the expansion of KIGOMA, TABORA and BUKOBA airports.
World Bank Program Leader ANDRE BALD says the economy of TANZANIA is growing at a good pace, and the country is among the fastest growing economies in East AFRICA./Sabanews/cam

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