President Robert Mugabe on way out


HARARE – ZIMBABWE is waiting eagerly to see the exit of President ROBERT MUGABE, amid calls for the arrest of his wife and her close allies in the ZANU PF Party.

First Lady Grace Mugabe, ‘big trouble for President’

Defence Forces Commander General CONSTANTINO CHIWENGA says MUGABE has spoken with his former Deputy, EMMERSON MNANGAGWA, whom he fired TWO weeks ago and is expected back in the country soon.

General CHIWENGA has addressed the media at the JOSIAH MAGAMA TONGOGARA Barracks in HARARE, saying the TWO men are to discuss ways to chat the way forward for the SADC country following their recent fallout.

General Chiwenga at launch of Operation Restore Legacy

President MUGABE dismissed MNANGAGWA after FIRST Lady GRACE MUGABE accused the Vice President of fomenting divisions in ZANU PF and plotting to topple her husband.

The removal of MNANGAGWA from both government and party was to be followed by mass dismissals of top civil servants and military personnel accused of association with the former Vice President.

Dismissed Vice President Mnangagwa and wife

However, the military quickly moved in and launched what they have dubbed Operation Restore Legacy.

General CHIWENGA says the security forces have no plans to take over government but have had to intervene following political developments that were now threatening national security.

He has commended ZIMBABWEANS for their display of composure, order, and discipline during a variety of demonstrations to remove MUGABE, the FIRST Lady and a group of crooked top ZANU PF leaders.

General CHIWENGA says ZIMBABWEANS should remain calm and patient, observe and respect the law; while political players, including members of ZANU PF, and war veterans, should avoid actions that threaten peace, life and property.

He says the military remain a people’s force and security service, which is why uppermost in their mind is the conclusion of their whole operation with the minimum inconvenience and certainly without any collateral loss of life, injury or destruction of property.

President MUGABE has admitted events in the ruling party had become a threat to both national security and development, saying he agrees with the move his soldiers have taken to correct things.

He has given a televised State of the Nation Address at State House saying there is a crisis in the country, and the concerns by the military and citizens relating to the economy are genuine.

Meanwhile, Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet, MISHECK SIBANDA, has invited ministers to a Cabinet meeting that had been due this morning at State House; although details of the gathering are still not available.

The call comes after ZANU PF Information and Publicity Secretary SIMON KHAYA MOYO says the party has formally notified MUGABE of a Central Committee decision to recall him from the position of President and FIRST Secretary.

KHAYA MOYO has issued a statement saying ZANU PF has also instructed the party Chief Whip to go ahead with impeachment processes against MUGABE after failing to get his expected response from the Speaker of Parliament.

The ZIMBABWEAN ruling party is this afternoon expected to table the impeachment motion to remove the Head of State when the National Assembly meets./Sabanews/cam

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