Robert Mugabe General Josiah Tongogara and Emmerson Mnangagwa in Mozambique


HARARE – The recent dismissal of Vice President EMMERSON MNANGAGWA of ZIMBABWE from both government and the ruling ZANU PF Party has cast a cloud of confusion over the SADC country.

President ROBERT MUGABE fired his deputy after FIRST Lady GRACE MUGABE accused Mr MNANGAGWA of undermining the authority of her husband and fomenting divisions within the former liberation movement.

President Mugabe and First Lady Grace

The Head of State supported the accusations, saying the former Vice President has for some time, kept quiet while a group of people campaigned against President MUGABE in the name of Mr MNANGAGWA.

President MUGABE took action on MONDAY before his Politburo fired their former colleague from the ruling party yesterday (WEDNESDAY), while also lining up his perceived sympathisers both in the party and in government for the same fate.

Organisers of the current presidential rallies have advised the Head of State to crack the whip on all people who have suspected or known ties with the former Vice President; and he has assured them that is what is going to happen soon.

The 10 political provinces, after endorsing the FIRST Lady as incoming Vice President of the country, have already submitted names of leaders linked to Mr MNANGAGWA, including veteran Central Committee and Politburo members, they want out of government and party.

President MUGABE says he cannot stand by and watch mischievous elements destroying and distorting the revolution; but his critics accuse him of hypocrisy, claiming his campaign aims to sneak his wife into the presidium through the back door.

Media reports say fighters of the war that dislodged the RHODESIAN-BRITISH colonial rule, instead, want him, the FIRST Lady, and a number of other party stalwarts, out of the way.

The NEWSDAY says the ZIMBABWE NATIONAL LIBERATION WAR VETERANS’ ASSOCIATION has described President MUGABE as an unrepentant and deceitful tyrant, whose end is inevitable.

The group has issued a statement soon after the ejection of Mr MNANGAGWA from ZANU PF, saying President MUGABE has betrayed the revolution – hence they are now reclaiming their party and want him to quit its leadership with immediate effect.

The former guerrillas say President MUGABE is free to go and form his party with his wife, because the PATRIOTIC FRONT belongs to the fighters of the liberation war.

Their statement, signed by Association Spokesperson VICTOR MATEMADANDA, says the uncalled-for and abrupt sacking of the Vice President has shocked them; and they definitely affirm President MUGABE is deceitful and not a revolutionary.

They allege the Head of State actually supports, but pretends to hate, the principles of the BRITISH SOUTH AFRICA COMPANY that colonised the country, and his knighting by the Queen of ENGLAND confirms their thinking.

President Mugabe and Queen Elizabeth the Second of Britain at Buckingham Palace

Actually, records show President MUGABE was in 1994 created an honorary Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath, a prize for doing something outstanding for the BRITISH Monarch.

King GEORGE the FIRST in 1725 established the Most Honourable Order of the Bath, or order of BRITISH Knighthood, as a reward either for military service or for exemplary civilian merit.

The war veterans, whose group has fallen out with ZANU PF and has been replaced by another faction, say they are launching an exercise to mobilise the masses against what they claim are hijackers of the ruling party.

However, President MUGABE has not responded to them but has blasted his former deputy for allegedly sponsoring disturbances during his NINTH Presidential Youth Interface rally at the weekend in BULAWAYO City.

He says Mr MNANGAGWA organised and sponsored the people who booed the FIRST Lady when she addressed the crowd, to display a picture showing him as the most popular.

On the other hand, Ms MUGABE has also assured her husband he is going to remain the President because GOD anointed him to lead the country, and no one is going to remove him.

Former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Her comments come amid reports saying Mr MNANGAGWA has pledged to fight President MUGABE and remove him from leading the party and government in the next few weeks.

Media reports claim he has issued a statement from SOUTH AFRICA, to where he allegedly fled this TUESDAY and from where he has challenged President MUGABE and the FIRST Lady; accusing them of living in the past and hindering national progress.

Mr MNANGAGWA has called on ZIMBABWEAN to bury their differences and rebuild a new and prosperous ZIMBABWE that tolerates divergent views, respects opinion of others, and does not isolate itself from the rest of the world.

Thus, the stage has been set. Politically, ZIMBABWE is now clearly a divided nation as the majority of people in the ruling party find themselves with TWO choices of following either of the factions that are forming in their organisation./Sabanews/cam

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