Are primary school kids ready for sex education?
WINDHOEK – Government plans to introduce realistic sex education in primary schools in NAMIBIA has disturbed religious leaders and teachers in the country.
However, Education, Arts and Culture Minister KATRINA HANSE-HIMARWA has defended the idea.
She says more children are being exposed to sexual realities at a young age, therefore Comprehensive Sex Education at primary school level is crucial.
NBC News says religious leaders and teachers have since raised concern that such content will encourage learners to engage in sexual activities even more.
It quotes some teachers as saying topics in the Comprehensive Sex Education syllabus, like same-sex relationships and anal sex, are controversial and even culturally taboo.
They say the content is not appropriate for teaching to children in Grade SEVEN, most of whom are only 13 years old.
NBC News says ONE church leader, Bishop WAHL ABRAHAMS, has also attended the introductory Comprehensive Sex Education workshop held in the capital, WINDHOEK, and was horrified.
It quotes the Cleric as saying the content will be destructive and will severely damage the innocence of primary school children, when they should enjoy being young.
Nevertheless, Deputy Education Director JULIUS NGHIFIKWA says the Ministry has a Constitutional mandate to provide quality education to the NAMIBIAN child.
The NAMIBIAN Government official says the knowledge and education being imparted in the classroom is guided by religious and moral values./Sabanews/cam

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