Former VP Mnangagwa and wife
President Mugabe and former VP Mnangagwa


HARARE – At least SEVEN out of the 10 political provincial groupings in ZIMBABWE are reportedly calling for FIRST Lady GRACE MUGABE to take over as Vice President.

The development comes after the weekend decision by President ROBERT MUGABE to fire his Deputy, EMMERSON MNANGAGWA, for alleged gross misconduct and disloyalty.

The Head of State signaled his plans after his wife publicly castigated Mr MNANGAGWA, in his presence, before ZANU PF supporters attending a rally her husband was to address in the commercial capital, BULAWAYO.

Ms MUGABE says Mr MNANGAGWA has been working to undermine the authority of his former boss and to foment divisions in the party in which they have ruled the nation since independence from BRITAIN in 1980.

President MUGABE confirmed the accusations when he took over the stage at the NINTH Presidential Youth Interface Rally at WHITE CITY Stadium, claiming the former Vice President had plans to un-sit him and had become a nuisance.

The 93-year-old Head of State says there are groups of people declaring the TWO largest regions of ZIMBABWE, MIDLANDS and MASVINGO provinces, do not belong to him but to Mr MNANGAGWA.

President MUGABE says what has annoyed him most is that the former Vice President has been quiet about the alleged groups and their purported declarations in his name.

The fate of former Vice President MNANGAGWA resembles that of his predecessor, former Vice President JOYCE MUJURU, together with EIGHT Cabinet members, who lost their jobs after the FIRST Lady castigated them on similar allegations.

The dismissal of Ms MUJURU and her colleagues also included the firing of a number of war veterans’ leaders and the bulk of provincial youth chairpersons, who also faced the same accusations of undermining and trying to topple the President.

However, no one has been arrested since the 2014 accusations that threw them out of government and the ruling party; although some of the victims have since been recalled and reassigned to new positions.

Meanwhile, media reports say leaders of the ZIMBABWE Liberation War Veterans Association opposed to the developments in ZANU PF and government had urged the former Vice President to resign from office.

Other stories also allege Mr MNANGAGWA had, in fact, resigned and cleared his offices in the capital before Information Minister SIMON KHAYA MOYO announced the dismissal news.

Ordinary ZIMBABWEANS have been left wondering where the political developments are going to take the battered economy and about the general future of the country at large.

In the meantime, the THREE provinces that are still to announce their stance regarding the appointment of the ZIMBABWEAN FIRST Lady as Vice President are MATABELELAND NORTH and SOUTH as well as the MIDLANDS./Sabanews/cam

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