DAVOS – The new government of ZIMBABWE says it is making headway in its quest to return the SADC country into the global economic arena, with scores of key players in world politics reportedly warming up to President EMMERSON MNANGAGWA.


The 75-year-old Head of State, now TWO months at the wheel, has attended the 48TH World Economic Forum in the SWISS Municipality of DAVOS; where he has assured would-be investors his government wishes to change the way of doing business.

He has told TV-7 in a live interview ZIMBABWE wants to embrace the rest of the world and expects the international community to embrace the country in return.

President MNANGAGWA says his economically battered nation is ready for investments and is aware of the need to find ways to re-engage the rest of the globe, but it also realises capital will only go where it feels comfortable.

He says his administration will therefore find out what is required to convince the international community to accept ZIMBABWE as a suitable investment destination.

President MNANGAGWA has further pledged to hold free, fair and non-violent elections before JULY this year, saying he will respect the outcome even if his ruling ZANU PF loses the polls.

While the previous regime of ROBERT MUGABE had shut out perceived enemies like the BRITISH Government, the EUROPEAN UNION and the UNITED STATES, he says this will not be the case this time around.

President MNANGAGWA says he has repeated many times that ZIMBABWE is open and transparent; therefore, there is no reason to shut out international observers to the elections with such a pledge.

He says the ZIMBABWE Electoral Commission is winding up the exercise of registering voters, which ends on the 12TH of next month, after which he will announce the election date and the ballots will certainly be before JULY.

ZIMBABWE, during its land reform program 16 years back, left the COMMONWEALTH, also known as the COMMONWEALTH OF NATIONS, an intergovernmental organisation of 52 mostly former BRITISH colonies.

President MNANGAGWA says he intends to re-join the group in his drive to re-engage the international community and return his country’s economy back on track.

He has further told TV-7 ZIMBABWE has no qualms with other countries, including the UNITED STATES, whose President DONALD TRUMP recently called AFRICA a dug-out latrine.

He says the SADC and the AFRICAN UNION offices have responded to Mr TRUMP for the rest of black governments, and he believes the people of ZIMBABWE have no case against the people of AMERICA, or vice versa.

The new ZIMBABWEAN Head of State, who took over the reins of power following the resignation of ROBERT MUGABE after ruling for 37 years, faces a serious task to restore confidence at home and abroad./Sabanews/cam



Fukishima nuclear disaster

LUSAKA – The Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency has called on ZAMBIA to embrace the development of Nuclear Science to enhance national productivity.

YUKIYA AMANO says the SADC country has the capacity for growth in the nuclear sector, and his institution will this year send experts to trace the viability of schemes such as atomic energy.

The TIMES OF ZAMBIA newspaper says he has made the call in the capital, LUSAKA, where he met with Higher Education Minister NKANDU LUO to discuss programs his Agency is supporting.

It quotes him as saying most people classify Nuclear Science as something terrible, but he says he would like to share with ZAMBIANS the positive side to the field – possible if well harnessed.

Mr YUKIYA has pledged his institution’s unwavering support to the SADC country in the area of Nuclear Science development.

Minister LUO says her government is planning to establish a Nuclear Science Training Centre in the country to build its performance capacity in the sector.

She says ZAMBIA can benefit much through adopting schemes such as the use of nuclear energy to run certain sectors of the economy.

The International Atomic Energy Agency Director has also met Foreign Affairs Minister JOSEPH MALANJI to discuss diplomatic engagements and global legal instruments related to the Agency technical program.

Science experts agree nuclear power can generate electricity without emissions of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane, which deplete the ozone layer and cause global warming.

However, GREENPEACE EAST ASIA says there are concerns because nuclear reactors are naturally unsafe as proven by meltdowns like the ones in FUKUSHIMA, JAPAN, in 2011 or CHERNOBYL, UKRAINE, earlier in 1986.

The group says the nuclear plants released large amounts of radiation into the surrounding communities, forcing hundreds of thousands of people to evacuate. Moreover, beyond the risks of radioactive waste, the threat of nuclear weapons looms large./Sabanews/cam



LUSAKA – The government of ZAMBIA is helping the Municipality of the capital city, LUSAKA, to deal with rampant street vending in order to clean up the metropolitan and rid it of recurrent cholera infections.

The TIMES OF ZAMBIA newspaper says the authorities have summoned the Army and the Air Force to reinforce LUSAKA City Council in an operation to remove vendors from their traditional sites.

It says hordes of the informal traders have abandoned the streets of the Central Business District and are holed-up in their homes, while the operation has now been extended to outlying townships.

The authorities in LUSAKA are following up with teams to clean up heaps of garbage that had accumulated over years, during which cholera had become a seasonal occurrence.

The TIMES says their operation comes after the number of infections by the killer disease had risen sharply, with many deaths recorded over time.

It says an air of cleanliness is now evident in the CHAWAMA, MISISI, JOHN LAING and JOHN HOWARD areas following the combined efforts of City Council, Army, Air Force and National Service personnel.

Residents have also joined in by collecting refuse around their dwellings in plastic and other bags, which they line up by the roadsides for collection by military trucks organised to do the work.

The TIMES also says mounds of garbage had accumulated to a point of saturation over decades, and the ongoing exercise is likely to rid the environment of only about a THIRD of the long-term pile-up.

It says local authorities used to provide refuse bins that would be collected periodically, but they had since stopped doing so; although towns in the COPPERBELT still enjoy better sanitation due to mining firms operating there.

Town councils elsewhere have been finding refuse collection to be a major challenge, citing lack of funds as their excuse and throwing the blame to the Local Government Ministry.

Nevertheless, uncollected refuse in urban ZAMBIA has resulted in the failure of programs like sewage services and storm drainage systems, and the clean-up exercise is seen as a vital move./Sabanews/cam



RUNDU – Some residents of the Northern NAMIBIA region of KAVANGO-EAST have lately suffered losses from what should have instead, been a relief to them: heavy rains.

NBC News says the regional capital, RUNDU Town, spent the whole of this TUESDAY under viscous downpours accompanied by strong winds.

The rains brought trees crashing to the ground and damaged infrastructure, in some cases blocking traffic and leaving travellers stranded on highways.

NBC News says the rains fell non-stop for TWO days when they uprooted at least FIVE trees, ONE of which fell on top of the RUNDU Secondary School wall and damaged part of it.

While workers from the RUNDU Town Council struggled to clear fallen trees to allow traffic movement, KATUTURA Township in the capital, WINDHOEK, about 716 kilometres southwards, had similar experiences.

NBC News says around the same time when RUNDU residents struggled against the effects of the rains and winds, another tree fell on and damaged a house in KATUTURA, although no one was injured.

It says last month, strong winds that accompanied heavy rains also ripped off a number of roofs of houses built under the government Mass Housing Scheme in the town.

The developments in NAMIBIA come amid reports saying the SADC Region will this season receive rains up to MAY, unlike in the past when the wet spells ended around MARCH.

Weather experts have since advised SADC governments to exchange data that can help deal with disasters usually caused by the heavy downpours characterising the summers in this Climate Change era./Sabanews/cam



Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet, Misheck Sibanda

HARARE – The new government of ZIMBABWE says it wants all top officials to declare their assets by 28 FEBRUARY this year.

THE HERALD newspaper says the directive covers ministers, their deputies, permanent secretaries, senior principal directors, board chairpersons, board members, and chief executive officers of State enterprises and parastatals.

It says the move is in line with the vital principles of good corporate governance and it targets chairpersons and members of Constitutional commissions, both executive and independent, and chief executive officers of local authorities as well.

The State-run publication says the Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet has issued a statement saying the officials should submit written declarations of their assets by the said date.

MISHECK SIBANDA says documents on the declaration of assets should contain details of all immovable property owned by the public servant or others in which he or she has an interest.

They should also include any item of movable property exceeding 100-THOUSAND US dollars in value, owned or leased by the individual concerned or in which he or she has any other interest.

The statement says officials should also reveal any business in which they have an interest and or in which they play a part in running; and they should clearly state the nature of the interest in the property or business concerned.

Mr SIBANDA says Heads of ministries coordinate the collection and submission of all declarations in respect of designated grades within their ministries, as well as in public entities and Constitutional bodies under their charge.

He says President EMMERSON MNANGAGWA expects the full and urgent cooperation of all affected office bearers, who should further remember his inauguration pledge to create a responsible, transparent, and accountable public service workforce.

Mr SIBANDA says the Head of State has since the 24TH of NOVEMBER last year consistently called for strict devotion to the central principles of good corporate governance.

President MNANGAGWA, who is currently in DAVOS, SWITZERLAND, to attend the World Economic Forum, has also ordered everyone who has externalised funds from the country to return them by the end of next month.

The ZIMBABWEAN Leader has pledged his administration will ensure acts of corruption stop forthwith; and where they occur, the State will deliver swift justice to show that crime and other acts of economic sabotage can only guarantee ruin to perpetrators./Sabanews/cam