How long will albinism remain a death sentence in Africa?

KALABO – Police in the WESTERN Province of ZAMBIA have arrested ONE suspect in connection with the theft of the remains of an albino buried in 2016 in the KALABO District.

The authorities say they are hunting for TWO other suspected ritual killers who escaped when the law-enforcement agents picked up the FIRST accused.

Relatives of the deceased woke up on SUNDAY to find the grave tampered with, and they reported the matter to the police; who discovered the coffin and the body were missing.

WESTERN Province Police Commissioner CHARLES LUNGU says the deceased was buried on the FOURTH of AUGUST TWO years ago.

He says in an interesting turn of events, they arrested a man after he and TWO others abducted a 13-year-old and his 15-year-old friend for suspected ritual purposes.

Commissioner LUNGU says the police impounded a TOYOTA SPACIO, Registration Number ALX 6413, which the THREE men used to abduct the boys and held them hostage for TWO days at a lodge.

He says following the abduction, the suspects bundled the TWO boys into the boot of the vehicle in order to take them to an unknown destination where they intended to kill them.

However, Commissioner LUNGU says after driving for some time, the THREE men parked the vehicle and the boys managed to open the boot and ran for their lives.

He says the police launched investigations and managed to apprehend the ONE suspect but failed to catch the main suspect believed to be the mastermind, KASWEKA KABINDA, who is still on the run.

The ZAMBIAN Police official says investigations have so far tied the event of the stolen albino remains to the failed murder of the abducted TWO boys.

Media reports say late last year people born with albinism staged a demonstration calling for an end to the madness of killing albinos for their body parts on the belief that they bring wealth or luck.

Albino killings are rarer in ZAMBIA, which has more than 25-THOUSAND such people, compared with other countries like neighbouring TANZANIA: where witch doctors pay up to 75-THOUSAND US dollars for a complete set of albino body parts./Sabanews/cam

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