Victoria Market De-congested


VICTORIA – The main market of the SEYCHELLES capital city, VICTORIA, has become congested to the extent that the Agriculture Agency has decided to build a temporary facility on the outskirts.
The national news agency, SNA, says the facility will for the meantime be located at BOIS DE ROSE while the agency seeks a location to build a permanent one.
The Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the SEYCHELLES Agricultural Agency says some people had begun selling items on the street, which shows availability of space is an issue.
LINETTA ESTICO says they will submit a plan of the additional market to the Planning Authority this week, and construction will begin as soon as the approval is given.
SEYCHELLES is a group of 115 islands in the Western INDIAN Ocean, but has ONE main market, the Sir SELWYN SELWYN-CLARKE Market, built in 1840 and renovated in 1999 in the capital.
SNA says the market, which is the energetic heart of VICTORIA, has a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, and other items: and it attracts visitors, as it gives a feel for SEYCHELLOIS way of life.
Agricultural Agency Deputy Chief Executive Officer ESTICO says the temporary market will accommodate up to 28 vendors, preferably farmers selling fruits or vegetables at the Sir SELWYN SELWYN-CLARKE Market.
She says it will also take up local crafts men under the management of the Small Enterprise Promotion Agency.
ONE vendor, MARCEL SUZETTE, currently selling at the market in VICTORIA, says the idea of an additional market place is a good initiative for both vendors and shoppers.
He says it will provide another convenient option for shoppers as the VICTORIA market is getting too packed.
The SEYCHELLOIS trader says he hopes the temporary market and others to be built in the future will have more entertainment that will attract visitors and local shoppers alike./Sabanews/cam

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