Pillay submitted his resignation letter to the office of the clerk of the National Assembly on Monday. (Pic: Joe Laurence, Seychelles News Agency)

VICTORIA – SEYCHELLES Parliamentary Speaker PATRICK PILLAY has resigned from his post and from his seat as the elected MP for ANSE BOILEAU District.

The national news agency, SNA, says his sudden move has attracted mixed reactions in the country, with many political leaders commending his service but residents questioning why there has been no reason for the resignation.

It says Mr PILLAY submitted his resignation letter to the Office of the Clerk of the National Assembly on MONDAY.

President DANNY FAURE has thanked Mr PILLAY for the leadership role he played as Head of the Legislature since his election.

He says the former Speaker discharged his duty in his own unique style, transforming the National Assembly by opening it up and bringing it closer to the population.

SNA says the resignation of Mr PILLAY from his seat as MP for ANSE BOILEAU District means voters in the affected area have to go to the polls in the next 30 days to choose a new representative.

It says the Electoral Commission has already announced the bi-election will take place on the 24TH and 25TH of FEBRUARY.

Mr PILLAY was the leader of the LALYANS SESELWA, which was part of the opposition coalition LINYON DEMOKRATIK SESELWA, LDS Party, comprising FOUR parties in 2016.

LINYON DEMOKRATIK SESELWA Leader ROGER MANCIENNE says the members of the Executive Council respect the decision Mr PILLAY has made.

He says Mr PILLAY made a great contribution to bringing about a new era in the political developments after he became the THIRD Speaker in SEPTEMBER 2016.

Mr MANCIENNE says the situation poses some challenges, but the LDS Executive Council will deal with them with the best interests of the party and the country in mind.

The leader of the opposition in the National Assembly, WAVEL RAMKALAWAN, has also thanked Mr PILLAY for his contribution in effort to bring change to the country and the political landscape.

SNA quotes ONE resident, RICKY PIERRE, as saying whether Mr PILLAY resigned for personal or other reasons, he should have explained at least to his supporters, because they deserve it.

The next SEYCHELLES National Assembly elections are scheduled to take place in 2021./Sabanews/cam

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