Kombi driver abandoned vehicle as it rammed into classroom

NGWANE PARK – More than 10 pupils narrowly escaped death after a kombi crashed into their classroom this week at NGWANE Park High School in the Central SWAZILAND City of MANZINI.

The TIMES OF SWAZILAND says the driver of the vehicle was ferrying other schoolchildren when rammed into the classrooms, allegedly while racing other kombis.

It says the incident, which left members of the public, parents and teachers at the school shaken, took place at about SEVEN in the morning.

The driver was carrying kids from LOGOBA-NEW Village to NGWANE Park when he lost control of the vehicle and jumped off while it was in motion, leaving the pupils screaming hysterically.

He suffered no injuries after jumping, and he has told the police he also watched in disbelief as the vehicle knocked a group of pupils standing nearby before ramming into the wall of a Form FOUR classroom.

The TIMES says most of the pupils who were aboard the vehicle suffered injuries and had to be rushed to the RALEIGH FITKIN Memorial Hospital.

Authorities say TWO of the pupils who were knocked by the kombi before it rammed into the classroom are in critical conditions and are admitted to the same medical centre; and ONE of them has a fractured arm.

Teachers and parents present at the SWAZI school say the kombi driver, instead of jumping for his own life, should have tried to control and directed the vehicle onto a nearby heap of sand being used for construction./Sabanews/cam

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