Katutura State Hospital

WINDHOEK – The opposition POPULAR DEMOCRATIC MOVEMENT in NAMIBIA has condemned the poor hygiene at state hospitals, which it says has the potential to continue the spread of the Hepatitis E disease.

Party President MCHENRY VENAANI says non-flushing toilets at the KATUTURA Government Hospital are of particular concern to him.

He has told a media briefing this week of his disgust at the worsening sanitary conditions at the medical centre, where nursing staff and patients are having to use buckets to flush toilets.

NBC News says the poor sanitation at KATUTURA Hospital has been public knowledge for some time now, with reports of rats and cockroaches in wards, falling ceilings, faulty water taps and toilets, as well as occasional shortages of crucial medicines.

It says Mr VENAANI has further condemned the obvious lack of commitment to service delivery, mainly in informal settlements where poor households do not have proper toilet facilities.

The national broadcaster also says in the FIVE weeks since the outbreak of Hepatitis E, some 440 people have shown symptoms of infection and 40 cases have been confirmed positive.

It says infection comes after exposure to water contaminated by faeces or from poor hygiene, meaning that people do not wash hands after using the toilet.

The spread of outbreak of Hepatitis E in the NAMIBIAN high-density suburbs is made worse by the lack of functional toilets and water points in the HAVANA and GOREANGAB Dam informal areas.

WHO says Hepatitis E is a liver disease caused by the hepatitis E virus, HEV, which is shed in the stools of infected persons and enters the human body through the intestine; while a proportion of people with this disease can die./Sabanews/cam

Zim First Lady Partners with UNAIDS to fight HIV and AIDS

Amai Mnangagwa poses for a photo with UNAIDS Country Director Girmay Haile
First Lady receives a Sustainable Development Goals and HIV and AIDS Emblem
First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa at Zimbabwe House


HARARE – FIRST Lady AUXILLIA MNANGAGWA of ZIMBABWE is collaborating with the Joint UNITED NATIONS Program on HIV and AIDS, UNAIDS, to help fight the pandemic in her country and globally.

A statement from the UN Mission says UNAIDS Country Director GIRMAY HAILE has this TUESDAY sealed the deal with the FIRST Lady at her office at ZIMBABWE House in the capital, HARARE.

Ms MNANGAGWA has met with Mr HAILE, saying she is committed to play a strategic national and international advocacy role in ending HIV and AIDS, which has so far killed millions worldwide –still without a cure.

The UNAIDS Country Director has briefed the FIRST Lady during their morning meeting on upcoming events of the Organisation of AFRICAN FIRST Ladies against HIV and AIDS, OAFLA, an affiliate of UNAIDS.

Mr HAILE has outlined the unique role the FIRST Lady can play in ending the disease in ZIMBABWE and globally.

The UN Mission says Ms MNANGAGWA is due to attend the OAFLA General Assembly this week, from 25 to 29 JANUARY in ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA, in what will be a historic FIRST time for a ZIMBABWE FIRST Lady to attend.

Mr HAILE says the UNAIDS has a tradition to engage FIRST Ladies for high level advocacy on HIV, empowerment of young women and adolescent girls and elimination of Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission in their respective countries.

He says the appointment is a prestigious appointment given to active FIRST Ladies and others who join the OAFLA.

Ms MNANGAGWA says she is ready to showcase the success of ZIMBABWE in the fight against HIV and AIDS and to champion national as well as world advocacy efforts to end the pandemic.

She says she is a field person and will be delighted to take initiatives that will improve the lives and livelihoods of the people of her country; chiefly the most needy, the marginalised and others at high risk.

Ms MNANGAGWA says she is ready to act on the ground in support of efforts of the government and the UNAIDS as well as citizens to end HIV and AIDS in ZIMBABWE.

She says she is eager to intensify advocacy efforts to address other prevalent social ills like child marriages, early pregnancies, reproductive health rights, cervical and breast cancer, including other issues affecting girls and young women.

Mr HAILE has welcomed the participation of the FIRST Lady in the upcoming 20TH Ordinary General Assembly, saying the move makes her the FIRST ZIMBABWEAN FIRST Lady to do so and it is setting a very positive precedence going into the future.

He says the gathering is a strategic platform to share experiences with other FIRST Ladies from AFRICA and world partners in the fight against HIV and AIDS, and he has thanked the FIRST Lady on behalf of the UNAIDS Executive Director, MICHELE SIDIBE.

The UNAIDS Country Director has given Ms MNANGAGWA a Sustainable Development Goals and HIV and AIDS badge.

The UN Mission says the emblem is in recognition of the commitment of the FIRST Lady to help end HIV and AIDS, reduce maternal and infant mortality, curb cervical cancer, as well as end child marriages and early pregnancies in ZIMBABWE./Sabanews/cam