Their situation was just hopeless at the time

HARARE – ZIMBABWE is heading to a big change in the farming sector after a government policy shift on allocation of land to displaced white farmers and those still on their properties.

The EMMERSON MNANGAGWA Administration has directed all regional and district offices to abandon the regulation that restricts white citizens to FIVE-year farm leases.

A statement from the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, and Rural Resettlement says the former and current white commercial farmers should now get 99-year leases just like anyone else.

THE HERALD says the development echoes the call by the new Head of State to restore confidence in agriculture, which had almost crumbled due to the violent farm invasions of 17 years ago.

It says the COMMERCIAL FARMERS’ UNION, which represents mostly the former white producers, has commended the announced policy shift.

However, Union Director BEN GIPLIN says his organisation has not received what he calls a formal communication – but they are very encouraged.

He says white farmers want more clarity on what will happen to their members who are still on their farms but do not hold offer letters introduced in the land regulations just reversed.

Black mobs descended on homesteads at any time

After the violent repossession of farms, the State had TWO conditions for allocation, with whites getting FIVE-year leases and offer letters, and blacks getting 99-year leases with offer letters.

Mr GIPLIN says only a small number of the 200 whites who managed to remain on their properties have the lease deals and the offer letters: while those without are exposed to eviction any time.

The invasions were often violent and bloody

Nevertheless, President MNANGAGWA has encouraged all displaced former commercial farmers to return and apply for land.

The ZIMBABWEAN Government has pledged to compensate white farmers for the losses suffered in the land invasions, and has banned new illegal farm occupations./Sabanews/cam


Children exposed to dirty water are easy cholera targets
WINDHOEK – The Ministry of Health and Social Services in NAMIBIA says there has been a cholera outbreak in the SADC country.
The disease is an acute illness caused by eating or drinking contaminated food or water, with symptoms of watery diarrhoea, and vomiting.
Health and Social Services Permanent Secretary PETRONELLA MASABANE has issued a statement saying even ONE cholera incident represents an outbreak.
NBC News says the only confirmed case of the disease is that of a 10-year-old boy admitted last THURSDAY at a private health care facility in the capital, WINDHOEK.
He was taken in with symptoms of infection – and test results have confirmed the boy had cholera, but has since been discharged and is said to be doing well.
The national broadcaster says he had shared a sausage at school with TWO other boys, who also had vomiting and diarrhea but have since recovered and are back at school
It quotes Health Permanent Secretary MASABANE as saying they are investigating the cholera outbreak, and a rapid response team of experts has visited the affected community.
She says the authorities are urging people to be alert to any new infections to ensure proper case management.
The cholera occasion in the KATUTURA Township comes when the country is battling against an outbreak of Hepatitis E in TWO areas.
Hepatitis E killed TWO people in HAVANA informal settlements and GOREANGAB DAM suburbs of WINDHOEK, with more than 40 out of 500 suspected cases confirmed positive.
NAMIBIA has announced the cholera outbreak after infections in neighbouring ZAMBIA since late last year, while ZIMBABWE has ordered that health workers should supervise funerals after FOUR people died of the disease in ONE town./Sabanews/cam



Justice Priscilla Chigumba
Justice Rita Makarau

HARARE – The ZIMBABWE Electoral Commission has a new Chairperson ahead of General Elections scheduled to take place before the end of JULY this year.

High Court Judge Justice PRISCILLA CHIGUMBA is taking over from Justice RITA MAKARAU who resigned late last year, without giving reasons for her decision.

The Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet has written a letter to Justice CHIGUMBA to announce her new appointment by President EMMERSON MNANGAGWA.

MISHECK SIBANDA says the Head of State has acted after consulting the Judicial Service Commission as well as the Committee on Standing Orders and Rules.

The swearing-in of the new Chairperson of the ZIMBABWE Electoral Commission is due to take place this THURSDAY morning in the capital, HARARE./Sabanews/cam