Rundu Magistrate’s Court

WINDHOEK – Health and Social Services Minister BERNHARD HAUFIKU of NAMIBIA says there is an urgent need for public dialogue on the law against abortion.

He says the discussions have become more crucial after the State has recorded SEVEN-THOUSAND-355 cases of illegal abortions last year alone.

NBC News says health professionals detected backdoor abortions in 2017, when women sought medical attention due to heavy bleeding or untreated infections.

It says Minister HAUFIKU has appealed for public dialogue on abortion at a ceremony to hand over contraceptives by the UN Fund for Population Activities in the capital, WINDHOEK.

The national broadcaster says the donation includes 110-THOUSAND units of period delay tablets and solo shot syringes, 200-THOUSAND femidoms and ONE-THOUSAND-100 implants.

It says Minister HAUFIKU has decided to have young people empowered to prevent unplanned and unwanted pregnancies.

NBC News says FIRST Health Minister NICKEY IYAMBO in 1996 issued the Abortion and Sterilisation Bill for public consultation, but later Health Minister LIBERTINA AMATHILA withdrew it in 1999.

Under the NAMIBIAN Law, abortion may only be performed under strict medical supervision; and consent for it may only be given in cases of rape, especially when the life of the mother is in danger.

In another development, the RUNDU Magistrate’s Court in the ZAMBEZI Region has charged a 32-year-old man with the murder and illegal burial of his girlfriend.

Prosecutor STEVEN HARADOEB alleges CASTRO DOMINGO killed 26-year-old MUROTUA MBETJIUA and attempted to defeat justice.

Prosecutor HARADOEB has objected to bail for the accused, citing the seriousness of the case, public interest, and the just started investigations.

Magistrate BARRY MUFANA has warned Mr DOMINGO of his legal rights, and the accused says he will hire a private lawyer to handle his case.

NBC News says the deceased woman went missing FIVE days ago from DIVUNDU Area in the MUKWE Constituency, prompting the family to file a missing person report.

It says after TWO days of police interrogation, Mr DOMINGO allegedly confessed to killing Ms MBETJIUA at DIVUNDU, saying he took her body to RUNDU Town and buried it in a shallow grave.

Magistrate MUFANA has postponed the case to 14 MAY this year, to allow investigations to go on and the accused to get a lawyer.

The NAMIBIAN Magistrate has instructed the murder suspect to bring a formal bail application, if he wishes to be released on bail before trial./Sabanews/cam



Late former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai – far right – with President Emmerson Mnangagwa – centre


The late leader of the opposition MOVEMENT FOR DEMOCRATIC CHANGE, MDC-T died last night in the SOUTH AFRICAN commercial capital, JOHANNESBURG, after suffering from colon cancer for some months.

COSATU National Spokesperson SIZWE PAMLA says his organisation is shocked and saddened to hear of the news.

He says as workers of SOUTH AFRICA they see Mr TSVANGIRAI and remember him as a man who dedicated most of his life to trade unionism – fighting for the rights of workers.

Mr PAMLA says not only did Mr TSVANGIRAI confine himself to fighting for the rights of workers, but he went further to really fight for all ZIMBABWEANS in general.

Meanwhile, the family of the veteran opposition leader say they were at his bedside over the past week, before his death last night at the age of 65.

Mr TSVANGIRAI founded the MDC Party in 1999 after falling out with the ruling ZANU PF over a number of economic decisions and policies that were bearing heavily on the population.

He became the fiercest opponent of former President ROBERT MUGABE, upsetting the 93-year-old veteran nationalist’s hold on power with SIX percent of the vote in the historic 2008 Presidential election.

The brother of Mr TSVANGIRAI, COLLINS, says the death of the opposition leader is an unfortunate event to the family and to the rest of the nation at large.

The younger Mr TSVANGIRAI says they have made arrangements to take the remains of the late opposition leader home to ZIMBABWE.

The government of ZIMBABWE has also acknowledged it has been consulting with the family of the late former Prime Minister to ensure a decent send-off for the politician, who will receive a State-assisted funeral./Sabanews/cam


Mnangagwa accords Tsvangirai State-assisted funeral
HARARE – President EMMERSON MNANGAGWA of ZIMBABWE has described the late former Prime Minister MORGAN TSVANGIRAI as a strong trade unionist and opposition politician.
The late veteran opposition leader, who formed and headed the MOVEMENT FOR DEMOCRATIC CHANGE, died of colon cancer last night in a clinic in the SOUTH AFRICAN city of JOHANNESBURG.
President MNANGAGWA says Mr TSVANGIRAI, former Prime Minister of ZIMBABWE during a coalition government, will be remembered for his strong fight for free and fair elections.
He says the MDC-T Leader was also ready to stretch and reach out across the political divide for a Government of a National Unity after the polarising 2008 elections.
President MNANGAGWA says both in and after the Government of National Unity, Mr TSVANGIRAI remained a national figure who adamantly insisted on free, fair, credible and non-violent elections.
He says the late former Premier was focused on strengthening national democracy and the country’s overall re-engagement with the rest of the world.
President MNANGAGWA says Mr TSVANGIRAI and his MDC-T Party made some controversial decisions in the past, but the country must validate his beliefs in the 2018 General Elections – in tribute to him and to national democracy.
He says leaders of all parties contesting the forthcoming harmonised polls owe him such action in the SADC country, which deserves unfettered peace and stability.
President MNANGAGWA says he would like to build national political consensus ahead of the elections, and he has pledged to invite political party leaders soon for a day-long Consultative Meeting.
The ZIMBABWEAN Head of State says his government has consulted with the family of the late former Prime Minister to ensure a befitting send-off for the politician, who will receive a State-assisted funeral; although his supporters preferred a Hero Status./Sabanews/cam



Sandiswa Sali and baby Luminathi

JOHANNESBURG – The family of a 27-year-old, SOUTH AFRICAN single mother who disappeared ONE week ago with her one-year-old baby are appealing for help from members of the public.

SANDISWA SALI left her home in MIDRAND, JOHANNESBURG, on FRIDAY, the NINTH of this month and never returned up to now; causing relatives to lose hope after desperate, relentless searching.

Her Uncle CHUMILE SALI says he is pleading with SOUTH AFRICANS to help with any information, because the anxiety over the whereabouts of SANDISWA has taken a toll on the family.

He says they are stressed – not sure, if they will find her alive, and even ignorant of what’s happening to her and the toddler. Nonetheless, they are determined to find her and the baby.

Meanwhile, their major concern is that SANDISWA migrated last year from UITENHAGE Area in the EASTERN CAPE Province.

She is not familiar with the commercial capital, since she only moved with her daughter LUMINATHI from UITENHAGE to MIDRAND in OCTOBER 2017; hoping to start a new life and pursue her dream to complete her studies and make a better life.

Her Uncle SALI says they have checked with people in UITENHAGE, in the EASTERN CAPE, but she is not there. They have even phoned the father of the baby, who also says he has had no contact with SANDISWA.

Ms SALI reportedly carried off baby LUMINATHI and took a local taxi heading for the BOULDERS Shopping Mall in MIDRAND, but she carried none of her personal effects – including her cell phone.

She never returned. Yet she had left no message nor to signal she might not come back.

Uncle SALI says they tried to ask around at the shopping complex, and ONE security guard only said he had spotted her outside the mall around SEVEN FRIDAY evening.

He told them she and the baby looked fine at the time he saw them, and he did not suspect anything bad. They have seen the CCTV footage showing Ms SALI and baby LUMINATHI on NINE FEBRUARY at BOULDERS Shopping Mall in MIDRAND.

The family spokesperson says they are thankful to the SOUTH AFRICAN Police, who have been actively searching for SANDISWA since her disappearance.

Moreover, they plead to fellow citizens in the MIDRAND, DIEPSLOOP, and TEMBISA areas who have seen the young, 27-years-old, light-skinned woman with her ONE-year-old baby to call the police at MIDRAND, or any nearest police station.

SABC News has also posted online saying: Have you seen SANDISWA SALI? Help SALI’s family and contact the MIDRAND Police Station with any information that could lead to her safe return: Detective MAKWELA on (+27)(0)113471626 or  (+27)(0)0827835709.

Women are often the major targets of trafficking (Pic.

The MIDRAND woman has gone missing amid increased reports of kidnappings as well as human trafficking of children and women in a number of SADC countries, including SOUTH AFRICA. Authorities admit they cannot fight the increasingly problem alone.

ELIZE DELPORT of the MHLAVA Consulting Services of SOUTH AFRICA in 2007 came up with the Paper, based on a UNESCO study – Human Trafficking, Especially of Women and Children in Southern AFRICA: Root Causes and Policy Recommendations.

Even small girls are not spared

The Policy Paper covers the SUB-SAHARAN AFRICAN countries of LESOTHO, MOZAMBIQUE and SOUTH AFRICA.

It says trafficking in human beings, especially women and girls, is historical, and has taken many forms, although in the context of globalization it has acquired shocking new dimensions.

The researchers say the problem is a complex, multi-faceted phenomenon involving multiple stakeholders at the institutional and commercial level; a demand-driven global business with a huge market for cheap labour and commercial sex./Sabanews/cam