JOHANNESBURG – The ruling ANC Party of SOUTH AFRICA has mourned the death of the leader of the opposition MOVEMENT FOR DEMOCRATIC CHANGE, MDC-T of ZIMBABWE.
MDC-T Leader Morgan Tsvangirai
MORGAN RICHARD TSVANGIRAI, who has been suffering from colon cancer, died at age 65 in a clinic in the SOUTH AFRICAN commercial capital, JOHANNESBURG.
ANC Deputy Secretary General JESSIE DUARTE made the statement this (WEDNESDAY) evening after delivering her Party response to the immediate resignation of President JACOB ZUMA from office.
Media reports say ONE of the MDC-T Party Vice Presidents, ELIAS MUDZURI, has announced the death of Mr TSVANGIRAI through his Twitter handle.
Mr MUDZURI has described the late former trade union leader, and former Prime Minister in a coalition with former President ROBERT MUGABE, as an icon and fighter for democracy.
In neighbouring SOUTH AFRICA, President ZUMA has avoided a vote-of-no-confidence by the ANC lawmakers and the opposition.
Former President Jacob Zuma
The move comes after the ruling party’s National Executive Committee recalled him from the office of State President for unspecified reasons, an action the former Head of State has described as unusual.
However, he says he respects the revolutionary party that he has served since he was a teenager and has had to follow the Committee ruling; according to the Constitution of the country.
President ZUMA had earlier told SABC News in a live interview members of the NEC failed to give him any reason why they wanted him out, and he suspected foul play in the whole procedure.
He also says it is only TWO months after the National Conference and there is no other purpose of rushing his exit, except that the scheme has long been on the minds of people behind the push.
The former guerrilla fighter, who did not receive formal education during childhood, was born on 12 APRIL 1942 in the NKANDLA area of the KWAZULU-NATAL Province.
His father, a policeman, died when President ZUMA was only FIVE years old, and he was left in the sole care of his mother who was a domestic worker.
The SOUTH AFRICAN Leader was 17 years old when he became member of the ANC in 1959, joining the military wing of the group, UMKHONTO WE SIZWE, within the following THREE years, at age 20./Sabanews/cam

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