No end to unsafe motherhood
CHITIPA – At least NINE women have died due to pregnancy-related complications while 65 others have delivered babies at home within SIX months in Northern MALAWI.
CHITIPA District Hospital Matron GRACE CHAMDIMBA has revealed the shocking news during a community awareness campaign by the WHITE RIBBON ALLIANCE this week in Traditional Authority MWENEMISUKU.
The NYASA TIMES newspaper quotes her as saying the NINE dead women include SIX MALAWIANS, TWO ZAMBIANS and ONE TANZANIAN.
Matron CHAMDIMBA says the authorities are worried that some women are still delivering at home and dying, despite vigorous campaigns on the need for them to give birth in health facilities.
She says all stakeholders should be more serious and work as a team to make communities aware of how vital it is for pregnant women to deliver at hospitals.
The TIMES says referral cases in CHITIPA are a nightmare, as the only ambulance available at the hospital caters for 12 health facilities located far apart from each other.
However, it says the WHITE RIBBON ALLIANCE has strengthened capacity building of local structures to reduce the number of women delivering at home in the district, which borders TANZANIA and ZAMBIA.
WHITE RIBBON ALLIANCE National Coordinator NANCY KAMWENDO says there is an improvement of attitude among workers in some health facilities.
Nevertheless, she says some of them are still using abusive language and are failing to attend to patients on time.
The international NGO official says WHITE RIBBON ALLIANCE continues to sensitise communities in MALAWI about their rights in matters of health./Sabanews/cam

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