Angolan President hosts Venezuelan Foreign Minister
LUANDA – ANGOLA and VENEZUELA have pledged to intensify cooperation in the oil, diamond, education, and air transport sectors of their economies.
VENEZUELAN People’s Power and Foreign Affairs Minister JORGE ALBERTO has announced the development in the ANGOLAN capital, LUANDA.
ANGOLA Press Agency, ANGOP, says he has met with President JOAO LOURENCO and has addressed the media, saying he and the Head of State have discussed the political situation in VENEZUELA.
Research has revealed 2017 media reports saying the VENEZUELAN capital, CARACAS, woke up to violent mass protests almost each day from APRIL to JUNE that year.
They say the opposition parties wanted President NICOLAS MADURO to leave office, accusing him of moving towards a dictatorship, while he accused them of conniving with foreign forces to cause chaos in his country.
The demonstrations reportedly started after the Supreme Court took over the National Assembly following a number of clashes between the TWO bodies.
VENEZUELA is located in South AMERICA, with a total area of 916-THOUSAND-445 square kilometres and a population of 31-MILLION-570-THOUSAND.
ANGOP says the country has a mixed, but oil-dominated economy, with oil accounting for about ONE-THIRD of the Gross Domestic Product, GDP.
It also says VENEZUELA has since 2005 maintained full diplomatic relations with the AFRICAN Continent, with ANGOLA considered ONE of the most important partners.
Ties between the TWO countries strengthened following the AUGUST 2006 visit by former President HUGO CHAVEZ to ANGOLA.
Meanwhile, ANGOLA and VENEZUELA have signed an agreement to exempt diplomatic and service passport holders from visa requirements./Sabanews/cam

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