The Internet is increasingly becoming dangerous to kids


WINDHOEK – The Ministry of Education Arts and Culture in NAMIBIA says it has put measures in place to protect children on the internet.

Deputy Permanent Secretary CHARLES KABAJANI says they have introduced a trainer manual in schools to help teachers carry out the task.

The booklet guides teachers to equip learners with skills needed to deal with cyber bullying, indecent exposure and other cybercrimes they may face when using the web.

Mr KABAJANI says the Ministry is finalizing the National Safe School Framework, which prescribes standards and guidelines to ensure safety of internet users in learning institutions.

NBC News quotes UNICEF Country Representative RACHEL ODEDE as saying NAMIBIA now has laws and policies to ensure prosecution of anyone who targets a child for harm.

Ms ODEDE says once the Electronic Cyber Bill becomes law, it will put in place an even stronger legal framework to address on-line exploitation and abuse of children.

The UNITED NATIONS official has called on parents and caregivers in NAMIBIA to pay close attention to their children’s on-line activities.

Researchers say new technologies such as the internet are very valuable, but they can put children at risk of exploitation and harm.

They say the world-wide-web can give people who want to abuse or manipulate kids a medium to network, share information and fantasies, and explore new identities.

To make matters even worse, the use of the internet has both national and global implications that make the monitoring and policing of exploitative practices all the more difficult.

Authors TINK PALMER and LISA STACEY say new technologies make children far more accessible to people wishing to abuse them, while sexual abuse through the net can take many forms.

Internet child sexual abuse includes distribution of abusive images of children, grooming victims for later abuse through teen chat rooms, bulletin boards and online communities where abusers befriend kids to gain trust.

The writers say grooming aims to pacify a young person to sexual activities, which may become increasingly abusive, and to feed the groomer’s fantasies of introducing a young person to such material./Sabanews/cam

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