National broadcaster under opposition fire
BLANTYRE – The opposition MALAWI CONGRESS PARTY, MCP, has complained to the Communications Regulatory Authority against the MALAWI Broadcasting Corporation.
The group says the publicly-funded national broadcaster is refusing to open up the airwaves for opposition parties, while its content is largely biased in favour of the ruling party.
The NYASA TIMES newspaper says the MCP also complains against what it calls a propaganda campaign against the opposition, in a new program called SAPITA KAWIRI.
It says MCP SECOND Deputy Secretary General EISENHOWER MKAKA has written a letter to Communications Regulatory Authority Director General GODFREY ITAYE.
The MCP official claims the national broadcaster is also airing some allegedly biased programs such as CHINDUJI, MANIFESTO YANU and NDIKATI CHETE.
Mr MKAKA says the use of broadcast media perpetuated the infamous RWANDAN Genocide that killed about ONE-MILLION people between APRIL and JULY 1994.
He says the national broadcaster should know the hate messages it is allegedly airing to promote the ruling DEMOCRATIC PROGRESSIVE PARTY can put the nation on fire.
However, the TIMES does not give comment from the MALAWI Broadcasting Corporation or the Communications Regulatory Authority on the serious allegations by the former ruling, but now opposition, party./Sabanews/cam

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