Mozambique Police patrol
CHANGARA – A gang of FOUR men armed with a MAKAROV Pistol has raided a petrol station and took off with large amounts of cash in Western MOZAMBIQUE.
RADIO MOZAMBIQUE says the incident occurred in the CHANGARA Town of TETE Province, and the thieves managed to grab some EIGHT-THOUSAND-AND-60 US dollars.
It says the petrol station was unguarded because the gang had allegedly arranged with the private security company that was supposed to be protecting the facility.
The robbers drove off towards the port of BEIRA after escaping arrest using their getaway vehicle, a TOYOTA COROLLA.
However, the police say they caught up with them in the GURO District of MANICA Province when they were trying to change a flat tyre.
TWO of the robbers escaped but the authorities arrested the other TWO, FRANCISCO MACHAVA and SANSAO MBOENE; and they managed to recover part of the stolen money, the pistol and 16 bullets.
Anti-cholera campaign teams at work
In a separate development, a cholera outbreak reported in the northern province of NAMPULA has now spread to the LURIO Administrative Post in MEMBA District.
Provincial Chief Doctor SULAIMANA ISIDORO has told reporters the FIRST cases in LURIO were diagnosed on 30 JANUARY.
She says 22 people have so far tested positive for the disease, which has since killed ONE patient in the area.
However, Dr ISIDORO says she is pleased campaigns promoting individual and collective hygiene in the city seem to have paid off, bringing the cholera situation under control.
The health authorities in MOZAMBIQUE say they have recorded TWO deaths and ONE-THOUSAND-552 cases of cholera since the outbreak began in SEPTEMBER last year./Sabanews/cam

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