Mnangagwa accords Tsvangirai State-assisted funeral
HARARE – President EMMERSON MNANGAGWA of ZIMBABWE has described the late former Prime Minister MORGAN TSVANGIRAI as a strong trade unionist and opposition politician.
The late veteran opposition leader, who formed and headed the MOVEMENT FOR DEMOCRATIC CHANGE, died of colon cancer last night in a clinic in the SOUTH AFRICAN city of JOHANNESBURG.
President MNANGAGWA says Mr TSVANGIRAI, former Prime Minister of ZIMBABWE during a coalition government, will be remembered for his strong fight for free and fair elections.
He says the MDC-T Leader was also ready to stretch and reach out across the political divide for a Government of a National Unity after the polarising 2008 elections.
President MNANGAGWA says both in and after the Government of National Unity, Mr TSVANGIRAI remained a national figure who adamantly insisted on free, fair, credible and non-violent elections.
He says the late former Premier was focused on strengthening national democracy and the country’s overall re-engagement with the rest of the world.
President MNANGAGWA says Mr TSVANGIRAI and his MDC-T Party made some controversial decisions in the past, but the country must validate his beliefs in the 2018 General Elections – in tribute to him and to national democracy.
He says leaders of all parties contesting the forthcoming harmonised polls owe him such action in the SADC country, which deserves unfettered peace and stability.
President MNANGAGWA says he would like to build national political consensus ahead of the elections, and he has pledged to invite political party leaders soon for a day-long Consultative Meeting.
The ZIMBABWEAN Head of State says his government has consulted with the family of the late former Prime Minister to ensure a befitting send-off for the politician, who will receive a State-assisted funeral; although his supporters preferred a Hero Status./Sabanews/cam

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