Mr Dhlakama (left) and President Nyusi meet in Maputo (Pic. Zitamar News)
MAPUTO – The MOZAMBIQUE Public Integrity Centre has encouraged public consultations on constitutional changes to end the direct election of mayors in the country.
The call comes after President FILIPE NYUSI announced plans to end the direct selection of municipal presidents.
However, RADIO MOZAMBIQUE says the Public Integrity Centre has issued a statement early this week, saying the issue requires a referendum – not a simple vote by Parliament.
The national broadcaster says the proposal to amend the Constitution has gone before the National Assembly after a peace deal between the State and rebel RENAMO Leader AFONSO DHLAKAMA.
It says the party that wins elections now has power to pick provincial governors and district administrators, and it will choose mayors in the municipal assemblies it controls.
However, Mr DHLAKAMA says a Referendum is not necessary because the changes are the result of negotiations between the government and the opposition.
The debate on whether or not to consult the public on the issue of provincial, district and municipal administration comes after the government and RENAMO agreed to share power in the country.
President NYUSI reported to MOZAMBICANS on the peace talks he held over years with Mr DLAKAMA, who had been leading a terror group of bandits trained by the RHODESIAN Central Intelligence Organisation in 1975.
President NYUSI managed to silence the guns and brought the veteran rebel leader to the discussion table, in a process that has seen some stability since CHRISTMAS 2016.
They agreed to revise the national Constitution, in order to bring a fresh provision for the governance of regions of the country.
The MOZAMBICAN Leader says the system will start to apply from 2019, when a political party or a coalition will propose to the Head of State a Governor for each province in which they win general elections./Sabanews/cam

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