Mocimboa da Pria (Pic. LUSA)

CABO DELGADO – The government of MOZAMBIQUE has reopened the MOCIMBOA DA PRAIA Airfield in the northern province of CABO DELGADO to international traffic.

RADIO MOZAMBIQUE says MOCIMBOA DA PRAIA has the nearest sizeable runway to the natural gas operations in the neighbouring district of PALMA.

The national broadcaster says the authorities expect the airfield will mainly support the companies processing the natural gas in the area.

It says Transport Minister CARLOS MESQUITA has told reporters during the reopening ceremony cargo planes will now fly into MOCIMBOA DA PRAIA.

He says he expects the airfield to generate a variety of opportunities for local development by supporting tourism and fishing, as well as a base for emergency operations in the far north of the country.

Minister MESQUITA has called on all State institutions involved in the movement of people and goods to make maximum use of the potential of the airfield.

He says the reopened airfield should serve the Transport, Interior, and Health ministries, as well as the Customs and Immigration Services to reduce the time travellers are obliged to wait.

The airfield reopens despite after the gunning down of TWO people and injury of TWO others in an attack in MOCIMBOA DA PRAIA, where bandits burned 27 houses in the villages of MITUMBATE and MAKULO.

However, the government of MOZAMBIQUE and the former rebel-RENAMO movement have agreed to bury their differences and start working together to rebuild the war-battered SADC country./Sabanews/cam

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