DODOMA – President JOHN MAGUFULI of TANZANIA has lashed out at the national Revenue Authority for punishing taxpayers in the SADC country.

President John Magufuli not happy with tax collectors

He says paying levies should be an honourable obligation rather than a burden and has ordered the Minister of Finance and Planning as well as the Permanent Secretary to act.

President MAGUFULI says they should help seek an end to the challenges facing the Revenue Authority to improve relationships with taxpayers.

The DAILY NEWS quotes the Head of State as saying he is concerned about reports of fixing tax rates against a government directive to have uniform charges across the board.

He has addressed delegates to a ceremony to lay the foundation stone for the construction of a 426-kilometre-long railway line from MOROGORO to MAKUTUPORA in the capital, DODOMA.

President MAGUFULI has expressed concern over alleged unethical acts of some officials, whom he says are ready to destroy the good deeds of the Revenue Authority and the country.

Moreover, he says the Revenue Authority should revise taxation procedures to ensure the agreed taxes do not appear to be a disturbance to the people.

President MAGUFULI has revealed his government needs a lot of money to construct a railway line from the commercial capital, DAR ES SALAAM to MWANZA.

It needs another huge amount for the RUFIJI Hydropower project to generate at least TWO-THOUSAND-100 megawatts for the country’s industrial economy and FIRST ever speed train.

President MAGUFULI says his administration is carrying out a strategic plan involving the expansion and rehabilitation of 11 airports as well as the DAR ES SALAAM, TANGA and MTWARA harbours.

He says the Revenue Authority should work ethically because the State needs money to improve access to water across rural and urban areas, and to connect all villages to the power grid by 2021.

The Head of State says the issue of TANZANIA having a population of 55-MILLION is not a problem, when a country like CHINA, with more than ONE-BILLION citizens, has become highly advanced./Sabanews/cam



Suspected Swazi killer businessman in custody (Pic. Swazi Observer)

MBABANE – The authorities in SWAZILAND have this week been forced to beef up security at the High Court where a prominent businessman faces charges of murder.

MATSAPHA UNITED Director SIPHO SHONGWE is in custody after being arrested for the murder of MBABANE SWALLOWS Boss VICTOR GAMEDZE.

The TIMES OF SWAZILAND newspaper says officials took precautions after rumours about his friends planning to snatch the suspect from the Court.

It says they left nothing to chance, deploying police officers and sniffer dogs from the Bomb Disposal Unit in a move that was the FIRST of its kind in the Kingdom.

The precautions were in addition to the usual contingent of armed police officers who provide security during Mr SHONGWE’s court appearances.

A bomb disposal machine was also used to detect if there were any explosives planted in the courtroom in which his bail hearing was scheduled to be held.

The TIMES says the security measures came after the intelligence department picked information saying the friends of the accused from SOUTH AFRICA planned a snatch.

According to the officers who were present in court, there were threats to security, which resulted in them making sure that there were no foreign elements at the High Court.

The suspect gunned down the deceased, who was also the Vice President of the NATIONAL FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION OF SWAZILAND, on 14 JANUARY at a petrol station./Sabanews/cam


CABINDA – The Ministry of Environment in ANGOLA has pledged to fight poaching and illegal logging activities in order to protect animal and plant species in the country.

Environment Minister PAULA FRANCISCO COELHO has given an interview to the national news agency, ANGOP in the northern region of CABINDA.

Angolan Environment Minister Paula Francisco Coelho

She has visited BUCO-ZAU and BELIZE municipalities in the region to explain a program to recruit former military personnel to protect fauna and flora at MAIOMBE National Park.

MAIOMBE National Park Manager JOSÉ MARIA BIZI says the nature reserve needs 65 more officers because the current 15 are failing to manage the 193-THOUSAND hectares.

To mitigate the shortage of staff, the administration now relies on members of the public who volunteer information on poaching and illegal logging, as well as other evils against nature.

The move comes after the AFRICA Sustainable Conservation publication in JANUARY claimed illegal logging of primary forests continued without any real control, with the agreement of corrupt officials.

It alleged columns of trucks belonging to CHINESE companies carried hundreds of cubic metres of wood to ANGOLAN ports, bound for ASIA.

It said there was lack of information on HUAMBO, BENGUELA, BIÉ and other regions regarding forestry resources, which have been inaccessible for 40 years due to armed conflict.

The publication called on the authorities in ANGOLA to end the problem, saying no country should allow indiscriminate plunder of its natural resources for export as raw materials./Sabanews/cam



VICTORIA – SEYCHELLES plans to have a new technical and vocational school within the next TWO years.

National news agency, SNA, says the academic facility is scheduled some time in 2020 on ILE SOLEIL, a man-made isle on the east coast of the main island of MAHE.

Technical and vocational training helps Seychelles avoid unemployment woes

It says President DANNY FAURE has announced the plans for the school in his State of the Nation Address, saying the country should better prepare the youth from a young age.

He says such an arrangement will enable youngsters to gain the knowledge and make them competent to integrate into the economic sector.

President FAURE says the college will cater for students from SECONDARY THREE Level, calling on the private sector to collaborate in the construction and management of the facility.

The Head of State says the government will pay for the education of all children who go to the school.

Education and Human Resources Development Minister JOEL MORGAN has commended the facility as another national instrument to better train students technically and in skills development.

He says the State is finalising the plans and mobilising resources for the new school, aimed to allow students to learn in a specialised place and prepare them before post-secondary education.

Minister MORGAN says after the technical training in mechanics, plumbing, electrical, masonry, carpentry and others, students can then fit directly into the SEYCHELLES Institute of Technology.

He says they will also be able after the school to join the Maritime Training Academy, since there currently is a lot of emphasis on aquaculture, which will open different possibilities for the nation.

Minister MORGAN says people in the INDIAN Ocean island country should prepare for chances in areas like fisheries science, navigation, technical expertise in biology, chemistry and food science.

ONE primary school teacher, JOHNACIA SULTAN, has commended the imitative, saying it will encourage some previously reluctant students to take interest in technical studies.

SNA quotes a parent formerly in the education sector, KATHLEEN BONNELAME, as saying the technical and vocational school will help address poor performances in State schools.

She says parents welcome the move because children who perform poorly in academic studies will have the chance to develop and acquire skills that qualify them to join the world of work.

Minister MORGAN says the authorities are discussing ways for the new school to integrate students from PRASLIN and LA DIGUE, the other TWO major islands among the total 115.

The SEYCHELLES Cabinet Member says the government further plans to build a similar technical and vocational school to cater for all kids in the country of some 95-THOUSAND-235 people./Sabanews/cam



WINDHOEK – With income disparities ranging as high as 58 percent countrywide, poverty and inequalities remain the major concerns in NAMIBIA, even after independence on 21 MARCH 1990.

Poverty-stricken families lack decent livelihoods

NBC News says the Household Income and Expenditure Survey of TWO years ago (2015 to 2016) shows had then dropped by TWO percent from 60 to 58 percent.

KUNENE, OMAHEKE, KAVANGO EAST and WEST, as well as ZAMBEZI are the regions with the highest levels of poverty, compared to the provinces of KHOMAS, ERONGO, HARDAP, OSHANA, and KARAS.

The national broadcaster says the survey further shows poverty is most prevalent in rural areas of the country than in towns and cities.

The Household Income and Expenditure Survey says 36-POINT-THREE percent of most household incomes go towards food and drinks at, while 31-POINT-EIGHT percent is spent on other domestic expenses.

SEVEN-POINT-FIVE percent of income cover transport and communication, and families only spend about FIVE-POINT-THREE percent of their incomes on furniture and equipment.

Health expenditures consume the least at ONE-POINT-SIX percent, after education at TWO-POINT-SIX percent and clothing at FOUR percent.

However, rural households have been found to spend more than HALF their income on food and beverage.

The NAMIBIA Household Income and Expenditure Survey, launched WEDNESDAY in the OSHANA Region, says male-headed households earn much more than female-led families./Sabanews/cam



Malawi Police making an arrest

KASUNGU – A prostitute in the CENTRAL Region of MALAWI has allegedly brutally killed a THREE-month-old baby by forcing a 30-centimetre-long stick into her private parts.

KASUNGU District Police have arrested MEMORY KANJERE for the murder, allegedly committed at KATENJE Trading Centre, after suspecting the mother of dating her boyfriend.

The NYASA TIMES says the mother of the infant, MADALITSO LIMBIKANI, is also a prostitute and a friend to the 34-year-old accused woman.

It quotes KASUNGU Police Deputy Public Relations Officer HARRY NAMWAZA as saying the TWO were soliciting for clients last week at KATENJE on the fateful night.

He alleges Ms LIMBIKANI left her child in a room and went to, try, and get a man at the shops, and Ms KANJERE took the chance to sneak in and snatch the unattended baby.

The accused allegedly took the baby to a groundnut garden where she forcibly inserted a 30-centimetre-long stick through the private part of the small child.

She also allegedly forced yet another stick into the mouth until it protruded through the head, before carrying the corpse and dumping it in the house of a man only named as MOFFAT KASALA.

Officer NAMWAZA says they arrested Ms KANJERE after investigations, and post mortem results from SANTHE Health Centre show the child died of head injuries, internal bleeding and fire burns.

He says the suspect will appear before the Courts to answer the charge of murder soon after police investigations are complete.

The TIMES says Ms KANJERE comes from KATENJE Village, Traditional Authority SANTHE in KASUNGU District, while the killed child and her mother are from LONGWE Village, Traditional Authority KAYEMBE in DOWA District.

In yet another development, the police are looking for a woman who dumped a THREE-day-old baby at CHINSAPO 11 NSEWA Cemetery in the capital, LILONGWE.

The TIMES quotes LILONGWE Police Spokesperson KINGSLEY DANDAULA as saying the authorities have secured and sent the infant to BWAILA Hospital for care and medical attention.

The MALAWIAN Police official says the mother of the abandoned THREE-day-old faces serious charges of baby-dumping, with media reports showing rampant child abuse and neglect in the SADC country./Sabanews/cam



LUSAKA – The government of ZAMBIA has pledged to protect the existing and new business actors in the country.

ZNBC News says Commerce Minister CHRISTOPHER YALUMA has addressed a delegation of 23 business people from INDIA at his office in the capital, LUSAKA.

Old Africa-India ties continue to grow

It quotes him as saying the EDGAR LUNGU Administration has come up with deliberate policies aimed to protect every investment in the country.

He says the 23 INDIAN men and women form the FIRST group of its kind, which clearly shows the confidence of the INDIAN Government in the ZAMBIAN market.

Minister YALUMA has advised the team to consider working with ZAMBIAN traders to help the Sub-SAHARAN AFRICAN traders build their capacity too.

NIRVANA Leading Delegate RAYEES ANJUM has commended the political climate and State policies, which says attracted his team to take a tour of the SADC country and find ways to invest.

He says his group comprises representatives if firms interested to invest in the agriculture, education, health, food processing, and energy sectors, as wide variety of others.

The INDIAN businessperson, whose country boasts of a population of ONE-BILLION-324-MILLION, says he is grateful they have managed to assess areas capable of strengthening the INDIA-ZAMBIA bilateral ties.

Improved farming adds to the current economic boom (Pic. Daily Mail)

A 2017 World Bank ZAMBIA Report: Reaping Richer Returns from Public Expenditures in Agriculture says economic recovery continued that year, although the revival failed to pick up the fiscal pointers.

The country is also a beneficiary of about 450 white farmers who left ZIMBABWE after the then ROBERT MUGABE Administration launched a chaotic land grab and displaced them over the years.

Media reports say the agriculture sector in ZAMBIA flourished to the extent of exporting maize to the former breadbasket of the SADC Region during the 2016 EL NINO drought.

The traders are sampling the ZAMBIAN markets after INDIA has developed ties with most AFRICAN nations, with whom it shares a long and rich history of interaction marked by cultural, economic and political exchanges./Sabanews/cam