Women rights are human rights
LUANDA – The Cabinet Council in ANGOLA has this week discussed a draft law to make abortion a crime in the SADC country.
However, Justice and Human Rights Minster FRANCISCO QUEIRÓZ has told the media in the capital, LUANDA, the document, to be submitted to the National Assembly, includes few exceptions.
He says the immunity against the planned legislation relates to cases where the life of a pregnant woman is in danger and the only way to save her is to terminate the pregnancy.
Minster QUEIRÓZ says other exceptional cases include instances where the pregnancy is the result of a rape or incest, or when the life of the fetus is impossible according to medical scan.
ANGOLA Press Agency says the present law in force is an 1886 piece of legislation that no longer agrees with the social, political and cultural realities in the country.
The World Health Organisation says an average of 56-MILLION safe and unsafe abortions occurred worldwide each year between 2010–2014.
It says the same period witnessed 35 induced abortions per ONE-THOUSAND women aged between 15 and 44, while 25 percent of all pregnancies ended in an induced abortion.
The rate was higher in developing than in developed regions, with about 25-MILLION unsafe abortions estimated to have taken place worldwide yearly, almost all in developing countries.
Each year, between FOUR-POINT-SEVEN to 13-POINT-TWO percent of maternal deaths can be due to unsafe abortion; while close to SEVEN-MILLION women are admitted to hospitals in developing countries after unsafe abortion.
The global agency says abortions are safe if they are done with a recommended method that is appropriate to the pregnancy duration, and if the person providing or supporting the abortion is trained.
The WHO says women, including adolescents with unwanted pregnancies often resort to unsafe abortion when they cannot access safe abortion./Sabanews/cam

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