Illegal drugs manufacturing chemicals


DAR ES SALAAM – Illegal drug dealers in TANZANIA are now going after children from rich families for more profits as demand for the narcotics continues to rise at an alarming rate.

The DAILY NEWS says State officials have told the HIV and AIDS Affairs Parliamentary Committee operations targeting drug traffickers across the country have affected supplies.

They say traffickers are now increasingly investing in secret industries to produce new psychotropic substances as an alternative to scarce cocaine and heroin on the market.

The Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office, responsible for Policy, Parliamentary Affairs, Labour, Employment, Youth and the Disabled, JENISTA MHAGAMA, says the children from rich homes are now used to deliver drugs to other users.

Officials say the price of a pellet has since jumped to 10-THOUSAND TANZANIA shillings (FOUR US dollars 43 cents) from just TWO-THOUSAND shillings (89 US cents).

They say the situation has further limited many of the drug users to pay for increased dosage, with unofficial figures showing a drop from about ONE-MILLION-500-THOUSAND users to HALF-A-MILLION nationwide.

The DAILY NEWS quotes PETER MUSISI, Commissioner for Prevention and Treatment of the Drug Control and Enforcement Authority, as saying they have controlled importation of illicit drugs to Mainland TANZANIA.

He says operators on the Mainland have since moved most of their operations to ZANZIBAR where they claim legislations are still friendly.

DR MUSISI says his Authority had impounded more than 400-THOUSAND litres of imported chemicals in less than a year.

He says if converted, the chemicals would form part of new psychotropic substance that could cause serious health complications including death, if not administered by physicians.

DR MUSISI says they have since inspected around just half of at least TWO-THOUSAND companies that import such drugs.

Most of the substances are allowed to be imported for use to suppress severe pain but must only be administered by the doctor, but traffickers now use the substances instead of fighting to import illicit drugs.

Drug Control and Enforcement Commissioner General ROGERS SIANGA says his teams are also cleaning up production of cannabis starting with ARUSHA, before TANGA and MOROGORO regions.

The TANZANIA official says they need financial support to ensure the country is completely protected from drug abuse, because drug traffickers are developing new smuggling routes and techniques each day./Sabanews/cam

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