Earthquakes can result from crustal strain, volcanoes, landslides or the collapse of caverns (Pic. UN)

OPUWO – An earthquake has hit the North-western NAMIBIA region of KUNENE, this (WEDNESDAY) morning, leaving a trail of damaged homes and other infrastructure in the ANKER Settlement.

NBC News says the tremor, measuring FOUR-POINT-ZERO-ONE on the RICHTER Scale, occurred about 80 kilometres north-west of KAMANJAB Village – the administrative centre of KAMANJAB Constituency.

It says the authorities have had to evacuate the EDWARD GAROAB Primary School after cracks started opening in the walls and corners of classrooms.

The dining hall, which caters for 178 children resident at the learning institution, suffered extensive damage to the walls and ceiling, including part of the lighting system.

EDWARD GAROAB Primary School Officials say the learning institution remains closed until the SECOND of next month.

They say they have decided to let the young learners stay at home in order to help them recover from the trauma they suffered after the earthquake experience.

KAMANJAB residents say this morning’s quake is the most violent and most scaring of the continuous tremors that have been afflicting them since last year.

Science experts say earthquakes involve movement or shaking of the EARTH’s crust due the release of stresses accumulated because of the rupture of rocks along opposing fault planes./Sabanews/cam

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