Former Malawian President Joyce Banda
LILONGWE – Former President JOYCE BANDA is facing a legal battle with the SOUTH AFRICA-based ENGELEC International Limited Company over an outstanding debt.
The firm alleges Ms BANDA and the MUDZI Transformation Trust Fund, which she set up to build houses for the poor in LILONGWE District, have failed to pay for supplied materials.
The NYASA TIMES says ENGELEC International is demanding 214-MILLION MALAWI kwacha (299-THOUSAND-951 US dollars 15 cents) for the work.
The newspaper says Ms BANDA launched the MUDZI Transformation Trust Fund in MAY 2013 at NTHOSO Village, Traditional Authority KHONGONI in LILONGWE.
It says the SOUTH AFRICAN firm alleges it supplied building materials including iron sheets to the project, which aimed to build some 20-THOUSAND homes nationwide.
ENGELEC International has cited registered trustees of MUDZI Transformation Trust Fund as FIRST defendant and Ms BANDA as SECOND defendant.
The TIMES says the Court has ordered the Trust Fund and Ms BANDA to fork out about 28-THOUSAND-AND-33 US dollars as part payment to the SOUTH AFRICAN company.
It says legal records show Ms BANDA’s Lawyer, LUSUNGU GONDWE, and the company agreed on the amount on 31 JANUARY 2018, but the money is still unpaid.
Meanwhile, Lawyer GONDWE says the former Head of State should not be associated with the money because the trustees are the ones who owe the firm.
The lawyer of the company, POWELL NKUTABASA, claims the Trust Fund owes his client more than 828-THOUSAND US dollars.
Meanwhile, the TIMES says the FIVE-year project by MUDZI Transformation Trust Fund had managed to build 500 out of the targeted 20-THOUSAND houses by the end of Ms BANDA’s term.
However, the departure of MALAWI’s FIRST female president in JUNE 2014 saw the massive housing scheme coming to a halt up to date./Sabanews/cam

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