Former “Life President” now without security?

HARARE – The Government of ZIMBABWE has reportedly recalled all security personnel and other workers allocated to former President ROBERT MUGABE.

Unconfirmed media reports say the move has also affected his daughter, BONA CHIKORE, and the TWO sons CHATUNGA and ROBERT Junior who are living in neighbouring SOUTH AFRICA.

They say Mr MUGABE and family have also lost the privilege of State-paid staff in foreign countries like SINGAPORE and other locations.

If true, it then means the 94-year-old former Head of State will no longer enjoy the service of security personnel and other workers on government payroll.

The development comes after Mr MUGABE addressed the media recently and described his NOVEMBER 2017 departure from office as a coup, accusing his successor of leading an illegal government.

Mr MUGABE last year dismissed President MNANGAGWA after FIRST Lady GRACE MUGABE accused the former Vice President of fomenting divisions in ZANU PF and plotting to topple her husband.

The removal of President MNANGAGWA from both government and the ruling party was to  precede mass dismissals of top civil servants and military staff accused of association with him.

The good old days, as they came to an end

However, the soldiers quickly moved in and launched what they dubbed Operation Restore Legacy and ZANU PF recalled Mr MUGABE from office and threatened to impeach him in case of resistance.

The then Army Commander General CONSTANTINO CHIWENGA, now Vice President, said security forces had no plans to take over government but had to intervene due to political developments threatening national security.

Mr MUGABE wrote a letter of resignation to Parliament Speaker JACOB MUDENDA after massive demonstrations nationwide in support of the call for him to step down.

And it became a New Dispensation

President MNANGAGWA took over power on 24 NOVEMBER, promising to forgive his predecessor and allow him all benefits befitting a former Head of State.

However, his former leader and mentor has refused to recognise his new role as he reportedly has teamed up with a group of fugitive former ZANU PF heavyweights plotting to launch a fight.

The developments in ZIMBABWE have raised speculations that the ousted former President for 37 years will not let the country rest until his currently unknown favourite candidate takes over the seat he left at State House./Sabanews/cam

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