Zambian Police launch war against ritual killers

LUSAKA – Police in ZAMBIA have seized an undisclosed amount of cooked human hearts and livers, as well as other uncooked body parts, during investigations into ritual killings in the country.

Home Affairs Minister STEPHEN KAMPYONGO says the team has managed to carry out the job while working with ONE person suspected to be the mastermind.

He has told the National Assembly in the capital, LUSAKA, the authorities have since submitted the recovered parts to the forensic laboratory for professional examination.

Minister KAMPYONGO says they suspect some neighbours of the accused person are likely to have eaten the human flesh without knowing.

He says the investigations are still ongoing and the suspect is scheduled to appear in court soon, while the police have intensified security measures to curb the spate of ritual murders.

Minister KAMPYONGO says such killings are a result of false beliefs promoted by some traditional herbalists who claim use of human meat can help people accumulate wealth.

He has called on communities to help bring the culprits to book, although members of the public should avoid taking the law into their own hands.

The ZAMBIAN Cabinet member says his country has recorded SEVEN suspected ritual killings of men between the age of 25 and 40 since 21 OCTOBER last year.

Nigerian ritual killer (Pic. Agencies)

Researchers say ritual killings and human sacrifice take place in almost all AFRICAN countries, with cases reported in BOTSWANA, LESOTHO, SOUTH AFRICA, SWAZILAND, ZAMBIA and ZIMBABWE.

They say ZAMBIA has recorded cases in which human heads were found in ASIAN-owned shops, while some politicians in SWAZILAND allegedly commission ritual killings so they can win elections.

The numbers of ritual murders is quite scary, as the bodies of victims are mutilated and certain parts go missing; and in SOUTH AFRICA body parts can be sold for as little as THREE-THOUSAND rand (about 230 US dollars)./Sabanews/cam



Africa shaking off the Dark-Continent label

LIVINGSTONE – ZAMBIA has called on the SADC countries to ensure cooperation between TWO major forums in the region if the economic bloc is achieve success in its energy programs.

ZAMBIAN Energy Minister MATTHEW NKHUWA says the Southern AFRICAN Power Pool, SAPP, and the SADC Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency should work together.

ZNBC News says he has made the call in a speech read on his behalf by SOUTHERN PROVINCE Minister EDIFY HAMUKALE, at the 50TH SAPP Management Committee Meeting in LIVINGSTONE Town.

It quotes Minister NKHUWA as saying energy efficiency and renewable energy are areas that SADC values.

However, he says the region depends heavily on hydro generated power that leaves it exposed to inconsistent supply of electricity due to Climate Change effects.

The Managing Director of the ZAMBIA Electricity Supply Company says his country now has a national Grid Code, which enables it to offer choice of supply for customers and ensure competition among producers.

VICTOR MUNDENDE says most domestic private enterprises continue to take part in the electricity supply industry through power purchase agreements or power supply agreements with his institution.

COPPERBELT Energy Corporation Managing Director OWEN SILAVWE has also attended the 50TH SAPP Management Committee Meeting, and has pledged his firm’s commitment to help increase electricity generation capacity in the country.

The SADC Summit held in AUGUST 1995 in SOUTH AFRICA created SAPP, after member governments, excluding MAURITIUS, signed a deal to form the Power Pool.

Energy ministers also approved the formation of the SADC Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency and decided it would be hosted by NAMIBIA./Sabanews/cam



President Mutharika

LILONGWE – The government of MALAWI has reacted angrily to what State House says is deliberate campaign against President PETER MUTHARIKA and FIRST Lady GERTRUDE MUTHARIKA.

MBC News says the authorities have especially issued a stern warning against an individual who has taken the lobby to the social media platform WHATSAPP.

It says the character, going under the name SUANDERS JUMAH, is allegedly attacking the FIRST Family and spreading false reports on the widely accessed telephonic medium.

His latest claim purports FIRST Lady MUTHARIKA has used an employee of the Revenue Authority, named as ROZA MBILIZI, to steal money from the national entity.

The JUMAH character, presumably a man, claims the money would then go into a company allegedly owned by the FIRST Lady, going under the name the BEAUTIFY MALAWI.

However, the national broadcaster says Mr JUMAH admits in the posting he does not have any evidence to support the accusations against FIRST Lady MUTHARIKA.

It quotes the State House as saying the FIRST Lady, a former Member of Parliament between 2009 and 2014, has no business ties with any ROSA MBILIZI, and neither does she run a firm called BEAUTIFY MALAWI.

The statement says the 58-year-old FIRST Lady is actually Patron of the Beautify MALAWI Trust, a charity group with no links whatsoever with the said ROSA MBILIZI.

Meanwhile, State House has accused the MALAWI NEWS and DAILY TIMES newspapers of acting as political propaganda mouthpieces of the opposition, and former ruling, MALAWI CONGRESS PARTY.

The authorities say the media outlets have completely thrown journalistic ethics to the wind, choosing to commit space to damage the character of President MUTHARIKA and selected legislators.

MALAWI NEWS allegedly lied the government released more than 55-THOUSAND-100 US dollars’ worth of projects to 86 MPs, as reward for voting against an Electoral Reforms Bill last DECEMBER.

It claims the money comes after an agreement the lawmakers allegedly reached with the Head of State when they met him before tabling of the then proposed law.

However, State House MALAWI says it is disturbing because the workers at the publication have circulated the distortion due to lack of knowledge that the President does not allocate any national project funds./Sabanews/cam