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PIETERMARITZBURG – The High Court of SOUTH AFRICA in PIETERMARITZBURG City has handed down FOUR life-in-jail sentences to a man who brutally killed FOUR young children last year.
SABC News says BEN MBHELE (32) teamed up with another unnamed men and went to the home of his sister, S’LINDILE MBHELE, the mother of the kids he then slaughtered in cold blood.
It says S’LINDILE had visited friends and left the children, aged between FOUR and 12, watching television at home in KWA-NZIMAKWE in the coastal province of KWA-ZULU NATAL.
MBHELE and his accomplice stabbed their victims to death and cut off their ears, which later turned out to have been destined for a witchdoctor in the city of DURBAN.
The Court has established the motive for the killing was financial gain, as the killer-uncle had taken out insurance with a number of companies on all the FOUR children he murdered.
Meanwhile, research shows while the murder of people for their body parts is a crime in any country of the world; the practices continue in Sub-SAHARAN AFRICA in the 21ST Century.
Ritual killer confesses to Nigerian Police after arrest

In the SADC Region, such cases in which criminals kill human beings to remove body parts for use as medicine or for magical purposes in witchcraft are widespread.

While most reports are about targets of people with albinism in countries like MALAWI, MOZAMBIQUE, SWAZILAND, SOUTH AFRICA, and TANZANIA it is also emerging that no one is safe elsewhere in the region.
Authorities agree such murders occur and sometimes go unreported in BOTSWANA, LESOTHO, MOZAMBIQUE, SOUTH AFRICA, SWAZILAND, ZAMBIA, and ZIMBABWE.
Nevertheless, SADC currently has no publicly known regional position or legislation to fight against the practitioners of the common ritual killings, which individual nations have to face alone./Sabanews/cam

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