VICTORIA – An independent anti-corruption expert has called on the SEYCHELLES Government to pay close attention to business monopolies because they can breed corruption.

MALIKA AÏT-MOHAMED PARENT says such situations target areas like the management of land, which the SEYCHELLES Government fully controls.

Malika Ait Mohamed Parent at the Grand Bargain Report Launch (Pic. IRIN)

She says he has met with senior managers in the Ministry of Land Use and Habitat to discuss prevention measures against dishonesty and bribery, because soil managers are a huge target for crooks on all continents.

SEYCHELLES News Agency, SNA, says Ms PARENT made the remarks after a public lecture organised by the TRANSPARENCY INITIATIVE SEYCHELLES, a new NGO affiliate to TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL.

She says she is in the island nation for ONE week and has already met with many officials from different ministries including the local Anti-Corruption Commission, to talk about issues relating to dishonesty.

Their discussions covered issues relating to corruption trends, bribery practice, and corruption schemes, as well as different preventive actions applicable in different contexts.

SEYCHELLES, a group of 115 islands in the Western INDIAN Indian Ocean, is in the process of revising the Anti-Corruption Act of 2016.

SNA says Ms PARENT has shared with Attorney-General FRANK ALLY her observations on the complexity of the subject and the revision of the Anti-Corruption Act; as vital issues that need the right thinking.

She says while an Anti-Corruption Commission is good, the country is on a learning curve; and the body will need people with investigation skills to work on complex cases.

TRANSPARENCY INITIATIVE SEYCHELLES Chairperson CHRYSTOLD CHETTY says they have invited the expert to enable the public to learn about the practice of corruption.

TRANSPARENCY INITIATIVE SEYCHELLES is a not-for-profit organisation launched in APRIL last year to help fight against corruption and bribery.

Mr CHETTY says his group organised the workshop to ensure children born last year in the VICTORIA Hospital can say no to corruption by the time they reach 18.

He also says people always need to stay vigilant, as corruption is no longer a perception; and, in fact, there have been cases where some are scared to come forward to report dishonesty.

The Anti-Corruption Commission has to date, recorded THREE cases of corruption, TWO of which have been sent to the Attorney-General’s Office for further action.

In the 2017 Global Perceptions Index, SEYCHELLES is ranked 36 out 180 countries, the best performance for the island nation since the Index started in 1995./Sabanews/cam

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