Health workers have cried foul for long

HARARE – The government of ZIMBABWE has dismissed at least 16-THOUSAND nurses who have been striking over poor working conditions.

THE HERALD quotes Vice President CONSTANTINO CHIWENGA as saying the Health Services Board should immediately recall retired nurses and employ jobless graduates to replace the fired strikers.

It says President EMMERSON MNANGAGWA has endorsed the dismissal after the State had released more than 17-MILLION US dollars to cover the demands by the workers.

Vice President CHIWENGA, who is the Supervisor of the Social Services Cluster, has issued a statement saying the behaviour by the nurses has been politically motivated.

He says the government has met with the Health Services Board and the Nurses’ Association to resolve the industrial action, and complied with their demands, but the industrial action has persisted.

Vice President CHIWENGA says the whole action is deplorable and shameful, because the State transferred 17-MILLION-114-THOUSAND-446 to the Ministry of Health and Child Care for on-payment to the striking nurses.

He says the move, against clear economic challenges in the nation, shows good faith on the part of the government; yet it has failed to persuade the nurses to go back to work to save lives.

Vice President CHIWENGA says the State now regards the lack of remorse as politically motivated and beyond concerns of conditions of service and worker welfare.

He says the funds originally released to meet the demands of the striking nurses will go towards the costs of effecting the new directive and arrangement, which takes immediate effect.

The government has commended all nurses who have loyally remained on duty and to the others from the ranks of the striking staff who have heeded its call for them to return to work.

Vice President CHIWENGA says their commitment to duty and patients, both pointing to a deep regard for life as required by their professional oath, is noted and much appreciated.

On the other hand, the State has appealed to people visiting public health institutions to be patient while it restores services.

ZIMBABWEANS should also practise good hygiene at home and in public places in view of sporadic cases of cholera reported in parts of the country./Sabanews/cam



The project will be located on the lagoon at Le Rocher, Les Mamelles District (Pic, Photo license)

VICTORIA – SEYCHELLES is planning to install a Floating Solar Photovoltaic system in the INDIAN Ocean, the FIRST ever utility-scale solar in AFRICA.

Energy experts say a utility-scale solar facility generates solar power and feeds it into the grid, feeding an organization supplying the community with energy.

SEYCHELLES Energy Commission Chief Executive Officer of TONY IMADUWA has told the national news agency, SNA, the project will inject clean and green energy into the national power system.

He says it should contribute about FIVE-POINT-EIGHT Gigawatts of electricity every year, help reduce fossil fuel importation as well as increase savings in foreign exchange for the country.

Mr IMADUWA says the scheme will further create green jobs during the implementation, and the construction phase will further provide opportunities to local businesses.

However, he says his country still has to work hard to achieve its targeted 15 percent of all national energy needs from renewable sources by 2030.

The planned solar power scheme will account for just ONE percent, to bring to FIVE percent the total achieved so far.

SNA says the authorities  plan to locate the Floating Solar Photovoltaic system on the lagoon at LE ROCHER in LES MAMELLES District, on the eastern coast of the main island of MAHE.

It quotes Mr IMADUWA as saying even if it is in seawater, the reclaimed land around the lagoon provides protection from waves and salt spray.

He says for small islands with limited land resources, exploring renewable energy installation in their waters is a must if they want to strengthen their energy security.

SEYCHELLES, a group of 115 islands in the INDIAN Ocean, is not new to Solar Photovoltaic, since numerous public and private buildings are generating power from the sun./Sabanews/cam



President Joao Lourenco (right) receives leaders of National Youth Council (Pic. ANGOP)

LUANDA – Young people in ANGOLA have presented to President JOAO LOURENCO a number of issues they would like addressed for their economic empowerment.

They have told the national news agency, ANGOP, their lives will problems related to housing, technical and vocational training, employment, and credit lines are fulfilled.

ANGOP says President LOURENCO has received written submissions from the Chairperson of the National Youth Council and his delegation at State House in the capital, LUANDA.

ANTÓNIO TINGÃO MATEUS says their dialogue with the Head of State aims to help the ANGOLAN Leader understand the daily concerns of young persons in his country.

He says President LOURENCO has paid attention to their worries and has pledged to scrutinise them attentively before taking appropriate action.

Mr MATEUS also says his Council supports the introduction of the National Youth Plan, because it enables young people to take part in State programs of national development.

The National Youth Development Plan launched in 2014 aims to improve the living quality of the youth.

Mr MATEUS says his group is behind the PROJOVEM Project, a credit line meant to support young entrepreneurs, although they have issues with some elements of its operationalization.

Media reports say the ANGOLAN Government last JANUARY approved the creation of the Credit Line Regulation to Support Young Entrepreneurs.

The program, worth 24-MILLION US dollars and funded by the ANGOLAN Development Bank, would finance 226 youth projects at a maximum of 200-THOUSAND US dollars per scheme.

Youth and Sports Minister ANA PAULA SACRAMENTO has witnessed the dialogue between President LOURENCO and the young delegation at State House.

The ANGOLAN Cabinet member says her Ministry works with the National Youth Council to monitor the implementation of the pro-youth credit line./Sabanews/cam