Africa-China ties get stronger

HARARE – CHINA has made deep inroads into the SADC Region and the rest of AFRICA, with governments sending high-powered delegations on business canvassing trips.

The development comes after the re-election of President XI JINPING mid-last month after a Constitutional revision ONE week earlier.

The AFRICA NEWS agency says leaders of the Continent including the Heads of UGANDA, NIGERIA, SOUTH AFRICA, and KENYA congratulated President XI.

It quotes political commentators as saying many AFRICAN countries welcome the life presidency project in CHINA; after the Parliament amended the Constitution to remove presidential term limits, and assured him of indefinite stay in power.

However, the publication also says life presidency schemes are the subject of fierce debates and violent protests in AFRICA, giving examples of KENYA and UGANDA.

Nevertheless, the CHINESE President has this month alone invited and hosted large delegations from NAMIBIA and ZIMBABWE, led by their Heads of State.

The NAMIBIAN national broadcaster says President HAGE GEINGOB will address the media this THURSDAY in the capital, WINDHOEK, to give feedback on his State-visit to the ASIAN country.

NBC News says he has announced the planned briefing at HOSEA KUTAKO International Airport shortly after returning home from the SEVEN-day-long trip.

It says International Relations and Cooperation Minister NETUMBO NANDI-NDAITWAH will host the conference on the trip of President GEINGOB and his 80-member delegation.

The State visit has seen the TWO leaders sealing a number of cooperation deals in areas like housing, infrastructure expansion, beef exports, and tourism.

NBC News says they have further signed an agreement to set up a space tracking, telemetry and command station in NAMIBIA, while the CHINA University of Geo-Sciences has awarded President GEINGOB an Honorary Doctorate.

The NAMIBIAN Leader has also met JACK MA, the founder of ALIBABA Group who visited NAMIBIA last year, and ONE of the wealthiest men in ASIA, on the side-lines of a meeting in SHANGHAI City.

Meanwhile, CHINESE-trained former guerrilla commander and President of ZIMBABWE, EMMERSON MNANGAGWA, is in BEIJING at the invitation of President XI.

THE HERALD says he has toured the COMMUNIST PARTY OF CHINA School of Ideology in the city, saying his ruling ZANU PF and the host party should intensify their ties.

President MNGANGAGWA is in CHINA for FIVE days until FRIDAY after entering into a number of deals with the ASIAN country of a massive population of ONE-BILLION-379-MILLION.

On the other hand, BEIJING is hosting the Forum for CHINA and AFRICA Cooperation, FOCAC 2018 in SEPTEMBER this year, and SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA is getting ready.

In TANZANIA, the World Wildlife Fund Policy Advisor, LAURENCE MBWAMBO, has told civil society groups to prepare topics of focus for the government to discuss at the gathering.

He has told delegates during a FOCAC Alignment Workshop in the commercial capital, DAR ES SALAAM TANZANIA has a number of chances and investment avenues in environment, gas, oil, and related sectors.

Economic and political relations between CHINA and AFRICA started during the time of MAO ZEDONG, who first led the CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY after the CHINESE Civil War.

The People’s Republic of CHINA has thus been building gradually stronger ties with AFRICA starting in the 21ST Century, and about ONE-MILLION CHINESE reside in AFRICA; while almost 200-THOUSAND AFRICANS work in CHINA./Sabanews/cam

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