Government fights for domestic workers’ rights

LUANDA – The authorities in ANGOLA are calling on employers of home servants to contribute towards the tax obligations of their employees.

The Social Security Institute says it has registered at least TWO-THOUSAND-262 domestic workers between JANUARY last year and this MARCH.

National Director JOSE MANUEL CHIVALA has told reporter on the side lines of a roundtable on the rights of domestic workers only 40 percent of the total contribute to the scheme.

The national news agency, ANGOP, says the official has appealed to employers to avoid registering their workers and fail to deposit the contributions.

State regulations say Social Security is legally mandatory for all employees in ANGOLA who are nationals or foreign residents.

However, the law does not require expatriates to make their contributions in the country, provided they fall under a similar social security system in their homelands.

It says employers and employees pay their social security contributions monthly to the National Social Security Institute, known here as Instituto Nacional de Segurança Social.

They calculate the payments at THREE percent of monthly gross salaries and a few other payments the employees receive.

An employer must withhold contributions owed from their employees and pay the amount to the authorities; and the employer must pay another EIGHT percent of the same gross salary.

The employer must pay the total of 11 percent of a worker’s gross salary to the Social Security Authorities by the 10TH of the month after the month of salary payments.

Social Security National Director CHIVALA says his teams are no longer concerned much about registration of domestic workers, but more about monthly contributions.

He says the Institute has created new conditions under which they are using information communication technologies and other applications to manage business.

The National Director says there is also need for awareness campaigns to ensure the actual number of domestic workers in ANGOLA contribute to the Social Security Institute./Sabanews/cam

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