HARARE – The Government of ZIMBABWE has dismissed claims by former FIRST Lady GRACE MUGABE, who accuses illegal gold panners of invading her property in the northern region.

Ms MUGABE alleges the suspects raided her farm and a children’s home she runs in the MAZOWE District of MASHONALAND CENTRAL Province, after evicting scores of families who had settled there for years.

She claims they stole 31 laptop computer

Grace “Gucci” Mugabe telling everybody to go to hell

s and vandalised farming equipment in incidents she alleges were politically motivated, after the State reduced her family security personnel.

However, Home Affairs Minister OBERT MPOFU says no gold panner invaded the property; but there is a dispute between the former FIRST Family and THREE mining groups before the High Court.

He says the syndicates approached the High Court and won a provisional order stopping the police and GUSHUNGO Holdings, which the MUGABEs own, from interfering with their activities.

Minister MPOFU says Ms MUGABE made a report to the police in MAZOWE on 29 MARCH this year, alleging 400 illegal miners had invaded her lemon plantation where they vandalised the field and irrigation equipment.

He says the police received yet another report on 30 MARCH about illegal miners allegedly seen at the AMAI MUGABE Children’s Home.

However, their investigations on the 30TH and the 31ST of the same month revealed, through interviews and physical checks, there was no illegal miners at the children’s home and at the lemon plantation.

He says further enquiries disclosed there is a mining dispute between the former FIRST Family and three mining syndicates; which she had bullied together with innocent villagers during her reign at State House.

Earlier media reports of OCTOBER last year speak of suspected ZANU PF militia guarding ARNOLD Farm in MAZOWE reportedly assaulting villagers to force them off the property allegedly grabbed by Ms MUGABE.

They say the militia assaulted the people, destroyed homes and vegetable gardens, to force them off the farm to pave way for the expansion of the then FIRST Family’s business empire.

Young girl prepares a meal for her evicted family in the open (Pic. Daily News)

The mining groups that have now taken Ms MUGABE on are MONDO-THREE led by BRIGHT MAONGA, MONDO-FOUR by SHEPHERD NYAZVINGO and XIMAS-159 led by MOHAMMED KHAN.

Minister MPOFU says the EMMERSON MNANGAGWA Administration decided to reduce the number of police officers deployed to for the security of former President ROBERT MUGABE and his family in line with Statutory Instrument 153 of 2017.

He says the Security Committee comprising the Police, the Army, and the President’s Department met and resolved to reduce the deployed personnel to the former FIRST Family to a total of 16 police officers.

Minister MPOFU says Ms MUGABE has also not been honest when she says thieves stole 31 laptop computers from, as only EIGHT went missing; and TWO of her workers have been arrested for their suspected theft.

He says the Caretaker at the AMAI MUGABE School in MAZOWE reported the EIGHT missing laptops to the Administrator before calling in the police, who established there had been no break-in but a spare key was used.

They probed the matter and arrested TWO workers at the school, AMOS MASIMURE, 29, and WILSON POMBA, 32, who have since appeared before the BINDURA Magistrate’s Court.

Minister MPOFU says MASIMURE has been convicted and sentenced TWO-AND-A-HALF years and ordered to reimburse the complainant ONE-THOUSAND-500 US dollars, while Mr POMBA is out on 50 US dollars’ bail.

He says SIX out of the EIGHT stolen laptops had been sold to some people in the capital, HARARE, and have since been recovered.

Minister MPOFU says the government, guided by the law, and will act swiftly to investigated without fear or favour on reports related to the security and property of the former FIRST Family.

However, political commentators say the government of ZIMBABWE has been too soft with the former FIRST Lady; considering her eviction of scores of families from MAZOWE District and her abuse of Presidential powers./Sabanews/cam

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