Swazi future leaders struggle at South African Embassy (Pic. Times of Swaziland)

MBABANE – SWAZI students studying in different countries of the SADC Region have accused their government of neglect due to unpaid college fees and accommodation rentals.

The TIMES OF SWAZILAND says the situation remains a nightmare for the undergraduates, as the Ministry of Labour and Social Security has still not paid some of them their allowances.

It says the affected are mainly FIRST Year individuals enrolled at the different universities; who have to stress about the allowances as landlords also demand rent.

Some of the children studying in SOUTH AFRICAN colleges moved into flats at the end of JANUARY, and have been struggling to pay their rentals since then.

The TIMES says parents have found themselves in a difficult situation as their children are complaining about home owners who are threatening to evict them if they do not pay up.

It says just a few months ago, SWAZI students were going through the headache of failing to get study permits from the SOUTH AFRICAN High Commission.

The situation was so serious they had to spend nights sleeping on the floor at the NEW MALL in the capital, MBABANE, because the Commission closed early and only attended to a specific number of students per day.

The situation at the foreign mission has been blamed partly on government negligence, since some students needed to present proof of payment before getting the permits.

Interviewed SWAZI students have told the media they are disappointed with the authorities in the Kingdom, who they feel does not care about their welfare./Sabanews/cam

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