WINDHOEK – NAMIBIA is poised to benefit greatly from

Namibia Rare Earths outfit at work (Pic. Economist)

the mining of heavy rare earths that include copper, graphite, zinc, and other similar minerals.

NBC News says the country held Mining Expo and Conference last year, which has contributed to improved commodity markets and to a renewed interest in the national exploration sector.

It says Chamber of Mines President JOHAN COETZEE has revealed the development during the 39TH Annual General Meeting of his organisation in the capital, WINDHOEK.

He says the NAMIBIA Rare Earths established a strategic partnership last year with GECKO NAMIBIA, which they finalised this FEBRUARY.

Mr COETZEE says although prices of heavy rare earth metals are likely to increase significantly in the short-term, development of the project depends on mining licence approval.

The national broadcaster says the government issued the organisers with an environmental clearance certificate for the project in DECEMBER 2017, but there is no mining permit yet.

However, Mines and Energy Minister TOM ALWEENDO says a delay in acquiring licences and going through other processes should not hinder the finding of more minerals.

Minister ALWEENDO has assured the Chamber of Mines boss the Ministry will attend to their matter.

Geological experts say rare earth metals are vital in the development of green technologies and often work in electronics like laptops and smartphones, as well as spacecraft and missile weaponry.

Manufacturers also use the rare earths in camera lenses, battery electrodes, microwave filters, high-temperature superconductors, x-ray machines, and many others, plus many others; and NAMIBIA has a lot of them./Sabanews/cam

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