Seychelles Police fight drug trafficking

VICTORIA – Police in SEYCHELLES have arrested a KENYAN woman allegedly found with 210 grams of cocaine.

SEYCHELLES News Agency says MARIETTA ANYANGO has appeared before a Magistrate’s Court, which remanded her until mid-APRIL.

It says she faces charges of conspiracy to import controlled drugs, importation of a controlled drug and trafficking in controlled drugs; and she is due to return to court on 16 APRIL.

The news agency quotes an officer of the Anti-Narcotics Bureau as saying Ms ANYANGO arrived in SEYCHELLES last FRIDAY aboard an ETHIOPIAN Airlines flight.

The official says the authorities arrested the KENYAN woman while she was going through the scanner at the airport, after they detected the drugs in her private part.

A statement from the Anti-Narcotics Bureau says the arrest of the suspect has been due to good alliance and exchange of information between the TWO countries in the fight against narcotics.

It says further investigations are ongoing in pursuing other associates involved in the case.

Meanwhile, the JAMHURI News of KENYA quotes an officer privy to the investigations as saying the accomplices are in the KENYAN capital, NAIROBI, where the drugs were packed.

JAMHURI News also says the suspects are among a number of KENYANS who have been arrested in the last few months for being in possessions of drugs.

A KENYA Airways cabin crew was arrested in JANUARY after being found in possession of narcotics believed to be heading to CHINA.

SEYCHELLES authorities say drug running is so well organised that the drug lords have links to some of the most feared global drug groups, a position of influence which would make traffickers in EUROPE envious./Sabanews/cam

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