Commentators hope Namibia will not witness the ‘Zimbabwe-style’ land reforms (Pic. African Globe)

WINDHOEK – Land ownership and occupation have continued to be a difficult issue for the government of NAMIBIA since independence on 21 MARCH 1990.

NBC News says the Lands Tribunal has for the FIRST time, over the years, convened to hear some cases concerning land disputes in the WINDHOEK High Court in the capital.

It says the FIVE-member committee has presided over SIX cases lodged by different complainants mainly from the OMAHEKE, OTJOZONDJUPA, HARDAP and //KARAS regions.

The Land Reform Ministry has been the major accused in the cases ranging from termination of land rights as well as allocation of resettlement farms.

However, the Tribunal has just been carrying out preliminary hearings since it has delayed all cases to different dates later this year, for the actual trials and judgements.

Team Chairperson ELIZE ANGULA has told the national broadcaster they have postponed the hearings of the cases due to lack of resources.

She says members of the Tribunal have decided on their own to use the little resources they have to kick-start the hearings and ensure they address pending cases.

Ms ANGULA also says the Lands Tribunal has powers similar to the authority of the High Court, which means its judgement is binding and should be respected and implemented by all parties involved.

The Lands Tribunal Chairperson says there is real need to educate members of the public about the work of the comittee.

Meanwhile, economic and political commentators say they wish NAMIBIA will not follow the ZIMBABWE-style land reforms because of the negative impact it has on a country./Sabanews/cam

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